Sandra and Chris

How We Met: We lived ten minutes from each other in Brooklyn. Ten! But a greater power wanted to make things a bit more interesting so it took us getting on a plane and traveling across the country for our chance meeting. I was in Vegas for a much needed girls weekend and he was there celebrating his brother’s 25th birthday. We met at the tail end of the weekend. There is nothing romantic about it at all, but looking back I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It was about 4:00am and me and my best friend, Angela, decided to go get some food.

We went back to the hotel room, changed into sweats and then headed to the McDonalds in our hotel since that was the only thing open. I was starving so I went a little bit ahead. The line was insanely long and a few minutes later Angela showed up with some guy. This is very typical of her to just make friends everywhere she goes so I didn’t pay much attention. After a full day of drinking in the sun, Angela needed to put her head down so sat at table and left me with her new friend in this massive line.

He was cute enough, but after a full day and night of partying I was just not interested in being charming or really even holding a conversation. He kept chatting me up anyway, ignoring my “not in the mood” face and thank god he did because this handsome stranger standing in front of me would end up giving me the love story I didn’t even know I wanted.

It came to light that we lived so close to each other back home so we decided to exchange information so we could hang out. He texted me just a few hours later and told me how beautiful he thought I was and asked when he could see me again. I was impressed that he didn’t follow the ‘3 day rule’ which peaked my interest. We both flew home back to Brooklyn and wasted no time going on our first date and haven’t looked back since.

how they asked: The way we got engaged is hilarious and has a bit of a back story. I am known to be somewhat of an alpha woman. I do most of the planning and Chris is happy to let me take the lead. We had been discussing getting engaged for the last year so I was very anxious about it. Chris was obsessed with it being a surprise because I was sure he wouldn’t be able to catch me off guard.

I ended up ruining two amazing over the top proposals that he had planned, due to my need to stick to a schedule and follow the plan for the day as it was originally made. (I found this out after the fact). I knew his birthday was coming up and anticipated that we would be engaged before then. Well, third time was the charm. Anyone who knows us knows that we are homebodies and obsessed with our fur babies. I had been at a friends house and when I got home, Chris, his aunt, and both of our dogs were in the backyard.

This isn’t unusual so I thought nothing of it. Chris told me he bought our pit bill, Jax, a new collar and tag and to check it out. He had told me a few times that he had intended on getting her a new one, so again, didn’t think anything of it. I bent down and looked at her collar and said “it’s nice, I like it.” And he asked if I read the tag. I said no and he asked me to check it out because it was really cool.

Image 1 of Sandra and Chris

I bent down and looked at her tag, it read ‘Will you marry me?’ I turned around and he was on one knee with the most amazing ring in his hand and asked me to be his wife.

Image 2 of Sandra and Chris

He caught me completely off guard and I lost it. I also had no idea that his aunt had been taping the entire thing and looking back at the video I don’t think you could get more ‘Brooklyn’ in terms of a proposal, guinea tee and all. But that’s us, our dogs were there, it was at our home, and it was perfection.

Image 3 of Sandra and Chris
Image 4 of Sandra and Chris