Sandra and Alan

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How We Met

Alan and I met back in 2019 through a dating app, called Dil Mil. Little did I know, he was my secret admirer before I even knew he existed…

Earlier that year, he had seen me on the dating app, Dil Mil, but I wasn’t active at the time, so we didn’t match. A few weeks later, his best friend coincidentally was attending the same wedding as I was. There was a very small, private party guest list, which his best friend casually showed to Alan and their boys in excitement about going to the wedding. Alan recognized me on the guest list, as “the pretty girl I remember seeing on Dil Mil but I didn’t match with”, and proceeds to tell his best friend to find out if I was single or not. How did this guy remember me with just a quick swipe!

I meet his best friend at the wedding, thinking he and his girlfriend are just another couple of folks you meet and mingle with at a wedding. Little did I know, I was being scoped out.

His best friend goes back to Alan after the wedding and tells him all about me, and he was so excited but didn’t know what his next move should be.

Fast forward a few weeks later, to Alan’s luck, I’m active on Dil Mil again, and long and behold…I match with him. Keep in mind, to me, he’s just another guy I matched with on the app, but to him, he’s been waiting for this moment for months.

We come to learn that he lives in Michigan and I live in North Carolina, which became a bit challenging.Although the distance, we knew this was something worth giving a shot at. We still got to know each other through Facetimes, and plenty of trips to visit one another. Over time, we bonded over hiking, road trips, cider mills, our love for rooftops, traveling, Harry Potter, and finding out we share the same birthday! He asked me to be his girlfriend 7 months later, and since then has been many moments filled with the best belly laughs.

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How They Asked

I was lured to New York City (NYC), where my older brother and sister-in-law reside, for a sibling trip. My younger sister flew into town as well. My sister-in-law was attending a summer gala, which her graduate school was hosting, on that Saturday evening, where she could bring guests and so, invited me. Of course, I was super excited to go to a summer gala with my siblings!

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During the rainy NYC Saturday, we frolicked around NYC grabbing lunch and shopping. We enjoy the day in the city and head back home to get dressed for the evening gala. We’re playing some music, having champagne, and enjoying each other’s company as we get dressed, typical girl things. My sister-in-law’s grad school friend, Christine, joined us later to pregame before we head out. Christine suggested we head up to the rooftop of the apartment to check out the sunset and enjoy some champagne before we head out to the gala.

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We head upstairs to the rooftop, long and behold, I walked into a path of rose petals, pictures, music playing in the background, and the love of my life glaring at me with the biggest smile, and tears rolling down his cheek. At this point, I am in pure shock, full of emotions, and wondering how the hell this guy who is supposedly on a 10-hour shift in Michigan (where he lives) is standing in front of me right now.

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He gets down on one knee, with a beautiful NYC sunset and the World Trade Center in the background, and asks me to marry him. It was everything I could’ve dreamed of and beyond.

Remember that rain earlier in the day? It subsided just in time!

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The surprise didn’t end there…a few minutes after I said yes, a group of 30+ friends and family came out and surprised me. He told them he was proposing that weekend and had them all fly into NYC for a surprise engagement party! Needless to say, I was speechless, and cue my tears again.

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Oh, and that gala? Total decoy, as was Christine.

Special Thanks

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