Sana and Rahim

Image 1 of Sana and Rahim

How We Met

Back in November of 2004, I went down to Houston with a few girlfriends to cheer on our friends participating in a basketball tournament. One of my friends was then dating someone on Rahim’s team, so we went to their game to support him. Besides being impressed by his three-pointers, I also immediately developed a crush on Rahim (how can you not notice those dimples?) and told my friends I thought he was super cute. He, however, was only interested in the tournament and barely spoke to me all weekend. ☹

Rahim and I made small talk over the next few months, but nothing really came of it. Fast forward a few months later to May 2005. A few of our friends were very aware of my continued crush on Rahim and somehow convinced him to come to my 16th birthday party. The two of us finally exchanged AIM screen names that night (how 2005 is this) and started talking online. From then on, we probably talked for hours on end online each night.

Our first unofficial date came a few weeks later when our friends arranged a movie night for the entire group (shout out to the Dollar Theatre in Lewisville for kickstarting this relationship). They saved me a seat next to Rahim, and then all left that theatre once I got there. I think this finally made something click in Rahim’s head because a few weeks later, on July 18, 2005, he asked me to go to the movies with him – just the two of us! Once we got to Vista Ridge for our 3 p.m. showing of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Rahim gave me a flower from his mom’s garden and paid for my movie ticket. When I asked him why he didn’t let me buy my own ticket, he said: “Well, that’s what boyfriends do.” The rest, ladies and gentlemen, is history…

how they asked

On the morning of January 13, 2018, my best friend Shammy was in Los Angeles for what I thought was a work trip. Shammy asked if we could go to a beach to take a couple of photos for her blog. I suggested that we go to Carbon Beach in Malibu, as it’s quieter and nicer for photos. Little did I know, Rahim was setting up there for the proposal at the same time.

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Once we got to the beach, Shammy and I were looking for a good spot to take photos. Out of nowhere, I saw Rahim walk up to me – which I was not expecting because I thought he was in Dallas! Rahim had beautifully laid out some rose petals and pictures of us in the sand along with a scrapbook that took us down memory lane. The scrapbook bore a lot of resemblance to the one Rahim made me for our first anniversary in 2006 — through which he had given me a promise ring and told me he’d marry me someday (keep in mind, we were 17 at the time). The last page of the new scrapbook said “Will you marry me?” and when I looked over, Rahim was on his knee proposing! A moment THIRTEEN years in the making!!

Image 3 of Sana and Rahim

The surprises followed one after the next! After I said yes, Shahzeb (Shammy’s husband) brought my parents and Rahim’s dad out to celebrate with us! Apparently, they had been in LA for 3 days and I had no idea. I was extremely touched by the fact that he made sure they were able to attend.

Image 4 of Sana and Rahim

But that wasn’t all… After our parents hopped on their flight back to Dallas, Rahim told me that we had dinner reservations with Shammy and Shahzeb to celebrate. Once we got all dressed up, he said our Uber was a little ways away (very believable with LA traffic) and that we could take a few quick pictures on the rooftop of my apartment while we wait. After complaining about having to walk in heels, I gave in and followed him to the rooftop for pictures. Once we got there, there was a surprise engagement party waiting for me with about 60 of our friends – over half of whom had flown to LA from all over the country (Dallas, NYC, Seattle, SF, Houston, etc.). I cried, laughed, celebrated, and danced the night away. Needless to say, Rahim completely blew me away with his meticulous planning and thoughtfulness.

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