Tori and Ryan's San Francisco Marriage Proposal

San Francisco Marriage Proposal Ideas

I moved to Portland for work in October of 2013 to take a job managing their social media channels. In November, I was tasked with taking photos of our Olympic uniforms and needed some gear. My boss introduced me to Ryan, a Senior Graphic Designer, who was in our marketing department as well. Ryan helped me out with camera equipment and we didn’t really cross paths until January, when were both on a PR event in Park City for work. After returning home, we started hanging out and became really great friends. The relationship started to develop from there!

San Francisco Marriage ProposalFast forward to exactly one year to the day that I moved from San Francisco to Portland. Ryan had bought us a weekend trip to SF for my birthday. He got to meet all my friends and see my favorite spots around the city. I’d told him the one thing I really want to do while in SF was look for sea glass at Baker Beach one morning.

Saturday, September 27th, we woke up and made it to Baker Beach to watch the sunrise and search for treasures. We’d gathered a good amount when I hear Ryan declare,”oh this is a good one!” I wasn’t even paying attention and handed him the cup to drop his newest find in. It seemed heavy so I looked into the cup, saw the ring, and Ryan was down on one knee. He asked, I said yes, he stood up and hesitated and I said,”well are you going to put it on?!”

San Francisco Marriage Proposal Ideas

Can’t wait to start another chapter with the most amazing man I’ve ever met!