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How We Met: Micah and I met in the 6th grade in Art class. I had a huge crush on him, but life took us in different paths most of middle school and all the way through college. We did not reconnect until I moved back home from college, 10 years later, when a group of mutual friends began hanging out with each other.

how they asked: At the last minute, Micah and I decided to attend a NYE event at San Francisco City Hall. Coincidentally, this is the same place and event that Micah had asked me to be his girlfriend 4 years ago. As observant as I usually am, the thought of a proposal never crossed my mind – he’d thrown me off all month, asking me what type of settings I preferred, diamond shape, etc… he seriously could not have picked out a ring already if he was still asking for my opinion, right?!!

Prior to going inside for the event, Micah said he wanted me to watch a video, which he had sneakily uploaded into my phone without my knowing. The video was a photo slideshow of our four years together. It ended with a video of himself, and Train’s “Marry Me” playing in the background, telling me he hoped that everything was going according to plan, that we were standing in front of SF City Hall right now, and that he had something to ask me.

You dream about this moment your entire life and it is over in a flash. I can’t remember the exact details of the proposal but know that at that moment in my time, my heart has never been so full and overjoyed with love for my fiance and future husband. It was incredible and a memory I will hold dear to my heart forever.

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