Samy and PJ

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How We Met

PJ and I met at work in the spring of 2018 in Los Angeles. We became fast friends, talking about and planning road trips and camping trips together. Our love for the outdoors was mutual and became the cornerstone of our relationship. One morning that fall while we were driving to work together through the hills of Laurel Canyon, I made him pull the car over. I stared at him for a bit and finally blurted out “I love you, okay!!” Needless to say, he felt 100% the same way and will never let me live to make him pull the car over at 7 am down.

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Since falling in love that summer, we’ve moved to Portland, OR, been on tons of camping and backpacking trips, traveled cross country to his home state of New York and most recently got engaged in the beautiful Mount Hood National Forest on a camping trip.

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How They Asked

We planned a trip to a beautiful lake in Mt. Hood for the weekend with some friends and arrived at 8:00am on the 3rd. We backpacked in and around the lake with all of our gear and found the perfect spot before our friends arrived. We began to set up camp but I couldn’t stop staring at how beautiful and clear the lake was.

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PJ suggested we set up our tripod (something we often do so I didn’t think anything of it) and he had me move around to get a good shot. He took a few photos of us with the self-timer and after the third photo, he started a video (I had no idea). You can see in the video just how oblivious I was because I have my arm out at the beginning waiting for him to jump in the photo!! He then proposed and caught it all on video—a DREAM. I was SO shocked I could barely whisper out a yes after all the jumping around. So so excited for the rest of my life with this guy!!

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