Samvida and Vedavyas

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How We Met

Ved and I met back in 2018. We met at work and instantly hit it off. Initially, he was hesitant to get into a serious relationship but after talking for a couple of weeks we officially started dating. It wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies, we had completely different outlooks on certain things l. We also argue and bicker at times. But, after a fight, both of us always want to sort it out before going to bed. Over the last 3 years, we traveled together, worked out together, and. Experienced many firsts together.

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This year I will be moving to a new country to pursue my Master, long-distance seems scary at times. But I’m past it I have the two of us will work it out. Ved also helped me become a better version of myself and was constantly there for me throughout the course of our relationship. There’s no one else I can imagine spending the rest of my life with.

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How They Asked

We were planning a trip to Dubai since last year. While he was on a call with our friend, she mentioned a ring unaware that she was on speaker. He immediately took the phone off of the speaker and violently pressed the volume lower button. I had been on high alert ever since. I was particular that I wanted a lab-grown diamond instead of a real diamond. Both he and my bestie went through the trouble of finding someone in India. I was expecting him to pop the question on my birthday, but he didn’t. We were supposed to go to Dubai a couple of days before Valentine’s Day, but I tested positive for COVID and we had to postpone our trip.

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I had a feeling that he would propose in Dubai but I wasn’t completely certain. On our second day there he wanted to go to the beach to watch the sunrise. We just woke up and left our room without even showering. He set up our DSLR on a tripod and convinced me that he was doing so to get pictures together. I did believe him. He asked me to face the beach and not look back or move.

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He wanted to get our friends and families on call but the network was bad and that could only be done on my phone. He then walked towards me and knelt down and pulled out my dream ring. There was no one else at the beach at that time, and to have that moment all to ourselves was the best thing to ever happen. All I could do for the rest of our trip was share my ring and take pictures of it in front of Burj Khalifa. We celebrated and had a date with the view of Burj Khalifa the next day.

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Special Thanks

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