Samuel and Elizabeth

How We Met

Samuel and I met through my childhood best friend in 2007. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight as I wasn’t exactly sure what to make out of this loud, friendly family friend. We all started hanging out over the years and we even shared a lot of our dating stories with each other or when we found someone, we were interested in. There was never any inclination of any romantic interest on either side. However, in 2011-2012 as I began my undergrad, I started to see Sammy in a different light. He quickly became one of my best friends and someone I wanted to be around constantly. Samuel has always been my confidant; someone I know I can always count on and be myself with. Together, we have grown, made mistakes, cried, fought, laughed and shared some unforgettable memories together. Unbeknownst to me, he also began seeing me as more than just a friend. We were skeptical in saying anything as we shared a lot of close mutual friends and didn’t know how they would react. After a few months of dating he one day told me he wanted to make things official and speak to our parents. His dad at the time was battling cancer and we really didn’t want to say anything until he was doing better. However, on December 15th, 2012 his father passed away after a hard battle with cancer. We rejoiced knowing his dad was no longer in pain or suffering and he was rejoicing in heaven, but we mourned and grieved the loss of a great father, brother, friend and Pastor. Months later, I would find out that his dad told him the night before he passed away “Don’t be Stupid, Marry that Girl!’

Almost 7 years later on June 29, 2019, he finally popped the question!

How They Asked

A few weeks prior I had told Sammy that we hadn’t been on a proper date in quite some time (We try to make it a point to have “Date Night” at least once a month). We had both been busy with work, church, and social activities so we really hadn’t spent much quality time together. He quickly agreed to plan a date and asked me if June 29th, would work. I hesitated to say yes because it was my mom’s birthday that weekend. He assured me that he would plan it with plenty of time to celebrate my mom, so I agreed.

A few weeks later he told me he had gotten an email about The Huntington Library and wanted to know if I wanted to go there on our date. I had previously gone two years ago when one of my best friends surprised me with a trip for my birthday. I fell in love with the Huntington Library and had continuously shared with him how beautiful it was. I had told him various times that I could visit every day and wander through all the acres of spectacular gardens!

I couldn’t resist saying yes to going to the Huntington Library. We were set and ready for our date. My family then came up with the idea to have a surprise party for my mom. So, I told Sammy maybe we should postpone our date to focus on my mom’s birthday. I also had a lot of errands I wanted to run on that day and didn’t think we would have enough time to go so I kept insisting we not go. (I must admit I was being a bit difficult and making up so many excuses not to go) He fought hard to convince me to change my mind and told me that we really should make time if even a few hours to spend some time together and that he also, really wanted to go to the Huntington Library.

Finally, the day off I woke up and I just didn’t have the time to complete everything I wanted to do and still have time to get ready for my mom’s surprise party. My mind was made up and I just didn’t want to rush at the Huntington Library. He then tells me that he will go run all my errands for me to give me time to get ready and prep for my mom’s surprise birthday. I didn’t think anything of it because he is constantly going out of his way to make my life easier.

Me, being, the stubborn person that I am still said no. He didn’t push it, but I found out later that he resorted to plan B. I received a text from my best friend asking me what I had planned that day and so I quickly told her what Sammy had planned and she said that her sister wanted to go to the Huntington library, if she and her sister could tag along. Since she was the one that took me a few years ago, I wanted to return the favor and take her again. So, I agreed and said okay, fine let’s go.

Time was ticking and I was running out of hours to get ready for the day and I was realizing that the Huntington Library was going to close soon. I found it odd that everyone was willing to go with such little time to view the property but nonetheless we found ourselves arriving at the library at 4:00, that afternoon with only one hour before closing. With one hour to walk the grounds, we hit all the picturesque locations first. Sammy walked around with me in awe at how beautiful the place was. I was in a rush trying to get everyone to see the tree that I fell in love with during my first trip. With only 10 minutes to spare we walked earnestly trying to find “the Tree”. We were finally only a few feet away from it when we hear a groundskeeper yell, “The Ground are now closed! Please make your way back to the entrance!”

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I was so disappointed because I really wanted a picture with that tree. So we started heading back and we saw a tree that looked pretty similar to the one I liked. We waited for the groundskeeper to be out of sight and began our photo shoot. Me and my best friend began taking pictures, her sister had a professional camera, so she was taking all our pictures. At this time, I noticed that Sammy stayed behind and wasn’t taking any pictures with us. Which, I later realized it was because he was getting ready to propose! He started making his way behind us as we were taking pictures and he managed to do it all without me turning around. Finally, our photo shoot was over, and I started making my way back to the entrance.

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He then asks me, Babe, you don’t want to take a picture with me. I quickly turned around to say yes, when I turned, he was already on one knee with the most stunning ring! He recited the sweetest words about how many chapters we have been through together and that he wanted many more with me as his wife. I, of course, quickly said yes!

Samuel's Proposal in The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens

After the proposal, he shared with me how he had been planning this day for a few months and he has already scoped the Huntington Library so he could see where the best place would be to propose. I was in complete disbelief at how well we planned everything. After all the excitement I remembered that I had my moms surprise birthday dinner that I had to go get dressed for. I couldn’t wait to tell my whole family the exciting news..

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We get to my house to quickly change for the party and Sammy begins rushing me out saying that we need to hurry before my mom arrives. So, we make our way to the restaurant and all I keep thinking is my family is going to be so shocked and happy. I was so excited to surprise them with the news. Little did I know that I would be the one who would be surprised. He opens the restaurant door for me and as I enter, I see all our close family and friends there with happiness and excitement on their faces as they yell SURPRISE! The whole time the surprise party was never for my mom, but it was for our engagement!!!

I couldn’t contain my excitement; I couldn’t believe that they all already knew and were there to celebrate with us. He had been planning the whole day for months and he made sure all my closest friends and family were there to share in our happiness.

We laughed, we danced and celebrated the night away with our friends and family. He took care of every single detail of that day, from the food, the decorations, the backdrop and ensuring everyone was there.

It was a night I will never forget. I can’t wait to begin the rest of our lives as husband and wife. XoXo