Samuel and Aide

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How We Met

Even though we both went to school together since elementary school, it was not until nearly 10 years later when we were introduced to each other at church for the very first time.

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how they asked

The planning process took years, but the 3 months before were the most emotional. To ask the woman I love to be my wife and preparing the day in the most special way possible would get my eyes watery many times. The entire proposal was a surprise that day, I arranged for her best friend and sister to pick her up. They asked her to join them for lunch. While they were at the restaurant, I arranged for the waiter to deliver a card on my behalf. The card saying how much I love her and letting her know that I planned an entire day for her today. I established a list of locations (Lunch, Spa to get a manicure and pedicure, Mall, Coffee shop, and Proposal destination). At each of these locations, I had a card delivered to her.

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I wanted her to look the most beautiful ever so I arranged these places so she can pick her dress, get her nails done, make-up done, get her favorite drink (coffee lol) and do it all with the people she most loves (her sister and her best friend).I handmade all the cards and attached the most meaningful pictures of us to them. After she had an incredible day with the people she most loves and was completely ready, they blindfolded her and took her to the destination; her house. Throughout the day while she was getting ready I was at her house preparing everything. I set up an inflatable screen to play a video compilation of all of our dates.

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Since I knew she was the one since our first date I planned every date to take a 1-2 second video and compile it all with pictures for the proposal. I also set up a red carpet, rose petals, hundreds of candles, jars I made myself filled with white sand and tied with rope, and I also arranged a live performance from a singer and a guitar player to play the first song she ever dedicated to me.I arranged for all of the most meaningful people to be there; our parents, siblings, and closest friends. Upon her arrival, they drove her to the red carpet where she got off. As soon as they started singing the song the blindfold was removed.

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After the song played for a couple minutes I gave everyone in attendance, a rose and had them all deliver it to her as the song was ending with the last people to deliver it to her being her parents…. she was in tears. She was then escorted to a chair in front of the screen where our love story played.

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It was 7 min long and ended with a short sentence saying I have one more question for her. A pathway was lit up connecting the heart around the chair to me and as I walked down the path I looked straight at her. I told her how much I loved her while I got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife.

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