Samson and Isabella

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Bell Tower, Perth, Western Australia

How We Met

Bella and I met in high school in the year 2014, I was 17 and she was 16. As it was my last year I had a lot going on, I had just quit my dreams of pursuing athletics to focus on my studies plus on top of having the pressure of Zimbabwian African parents to do well in school a girlfriend really wasn’t anywhere near my priorities. Bella was new to school that year and as normal boys check out the new girl and from what I could see she was definitely out of my league anyway it was back to my books. As our final year was underway the ball/prom preparations had begun and the popular question of who takes who was the buzz around school. As for me, I didn’t really care I just wanted to make my parent proud of my studies.

Meanwhile, Bella had taken an interest in me started to hang around my friendship circle. To me it was like “oh cool new friends” but she had her own plans. She had spoken to one of my friends and asked her to hint that I should take someone my Bella but in my heart, I felt like I was definitely out of her league she had dated amazing guys in the past with beautiful faces and I was just me. weeks went by and finally, one of her friends went behind her back and told me that she had taken an interest in me and wanted to take me to the ball I was like “NO WAY I’M GOOD THANKS!!” A few days went by and I started to think well make it would be soo bad to take someone to and to take a hottie like that “HELL YEAH!” As a millennial, I asked her on facebook one night if she wanted to go to the ball and she agreed.

Months later we started to talk more about the school and over social media. I started to see how soft-hearted she was and how she had a unique smile that always had a way of making me feel good through the day no matter what. I could stop thinking about her or get her out of my mind the things she would say the way she laughed even her presence, I just couldn’t get her way from my mind. So after many nights of losing sleep over her, I decided to go to school the next day and grab her by the hand and ask in a romantic deep voice to be my girlfriend. Actually no I set her a facebook message went something like this,

Me: Hey why do you think we talk a lot.

Her: Becuase I think you cute.

(that was my ticket in I didn’t want her to say your a nice dude like bestie type of thing, I wanted to be sure of a yes I like you)

Me: I like you too would you like to be my girlfriend

Her: yes

And so it was four years strong and engaged

how they asked

On the day of the proposal, this was the plan. Bella and I were to have dinner in the city and my best friend, photographer and videographer were to set up the set for the engagement. The set was going to be in front of the bell tower in Perth the guys were to set a path of fairy light that would lead to a love heart in which I would take one knee and ask her in it. Bella knew nothing of the night but what she did know was that we would have dinner and spend the night in a hotel. So I picked her up and we attended dinner in the city of Perth and during dinner, I was doing to through in conversation that I wanted to visit a place that was very significant to us the Bell Tower.

During the hour and a half of dinner, I was soo nervous I also found myself going to the toilet four times, I had a headache, my palms were sweaty and Bella could not stop asking me why I was acting weird and if everything was ok. Every time I would go to the toilet I would check with my best friend to see how the set up was going one I had a signal that we were all good to go we left the restaurant.

I decided that we would go for a walk first before getting to the bell tower just to give the guys more time to set up even though Bella was now tired of being in her heels but we did make it.

As we started to approach the Bell Tower Bella started to recognise the videographer and the fairy light she at that point it dawned on her what was going on. In disbelief, she kept stopping and trying to process what was going on. We walked in the path towards the heart and I could see that Bella was in disbelief still of what was happening, she definitely had not seen it coming.

In that moment i honestly was lost for words i was in a deep pool of nervous and

Samson and Isabella's Engagement in Bell Tower, Perth, Western Australia

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