Sammye and Mitchel

How We Met: My friends and I were going out dancing (two stepping) at the Silver Saloon for a girls night. Needless to say one of my friends boyfriend met us there with his best friend. Little did I know that everyone knew they were introducing Mitchel to me. Mitchel knew all about me, but I had no clue about him. They introduced us and of course I thought nothing about it, just another guy to dance with. He tried talking to me, but it was very difficult since it was so loud in the dance hall. We left that night knowing that we probably wouldn’t see each other ever again. Little did I know that Mitchel would message me on Facebook 2 days later and apologize to me that the first time I met him had to be in a bar. He continued to talk to me and asked me if he could come down to Tyler the following weekend and introduce himself the right way and at a place where we both felt comfortable (church and lunch afterwards). Needless to say he never gave up on me.

how they asked: Our one year anniversary was 9-11-15 and Mitchel asked me to meet him in Waco, TX that Saturday. Earlier that week he had just told me that we were just going to eat and see a movie since I had so much studying to do for school. He met for me lunch and told me he had a big surprise for me. I kept asking him questions and he wouldn’t budge. So after lunch, Mitchel said we were just going to walk at the park for a little bit. We got to the park and went for a little walk and came to the suspension bridge. While on the bridge, one of Mitchel’s friends were there and Mitchel asked them if they would take a few pictures of us for our one year anniversary. On the very last picture that was taken, Mitchel got down on one knee and proposed. Of course I said YES!!!