Sammy and Ryan

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How We Met

When I was 8, my mom put me into Irish Dance classes and I danced competitively all over the world until college. While attending university in Las Vegas, I Irish Danced professionally at an Irish Bar called 9 Fine Irishmen at the hotel New York.

Meanwhile, Ryan and his friends were visiting Vegas from Ireland on a lad’s holiday and of course, ended up in an Irish bar! While I was on stage with the band, I looked out into the crowd and laid my eyes on Ryan. He was looking at me smiling ear to ear and I thought he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen.

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Afterward, he came over to me and the first thing he said was, “Hi, I’m Irish and I use to Irish Dance too!” The entire week he was in Vegas, we spent every second together and I even brought him to meet my parents! Unfortunately, that trip came to an end and he had to head back to the homeland.

For 2 years, we kept in contact over text and Facetime, and throughout our long-distance relationship, we would meet at different locations and make a holiday of it! After traveling to 20 countries together, I decided to move to Ireland so we could be together permanently!

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Moving to Ireland was the best decision of my life because it meant being with the love of my life. We spent an amazing year and a half in Ireland and then decided to have our love story continue in Canada. Our love has taken us all over the world and our stars aligned that night when we met in a bar in Las Vegas.

What happens in Vegas, lands you a fiancé!

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How They Asked

We are currently living in Vancouver, Canada and last minute, we planned a weekend trip to visit Jasper & Banff for my birthday. We rented a car and for 3 days drove through the beautiful Canadian Rockies. On the last day of our trip, we had planned to go to Lake Louise because it has been my DREAM to see the crystal clear blue water.

When we arrived, Ryan took a photo of me looking out at the gorgeous lake and mountains. He then came over to me and said, “Did you know the still waters of a lake reflect the beauty around it and nothing is more beautiful to me than you.” He turned me to him and continued with a speech I will remember forever. He got on one knee and popped the question I have been waiting my whole life for. It was the easiest ‘YES!’ I have ever said and he slipped the most perfect ring on my finger.

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I turned and saw two photographers capturing the best moment of my life that Ryan had set up for us. He then said there was a canoe on the lake waiting for us.

After our time on the water, I thought we were heading to the cheap hotel I booked but Ryan said that was canceled and we were staying at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, something fit for a Princess! We enjoyed amazing drinks at the castle and an incredible dinner to follow.

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The day was an absolute fairytale. I am awake but still dreaming! I had no idea I could experience this level of love and joy. I feel like the most blessed human on this planet to be engaged to my dream person in my dream location and that he was able to keep it a secret and truly, truly surprise me.

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While our relationship was long distance, we had a quote to get us through, “No two snowflakes are alike. Some snowflakes collide and damage each other but others collide and join together, but snowflakes always find themselves perfectly shaped for their journey.” Ryan and I’s snowflakes have joined together and we continue this perfectly imperfect journey of life together forever. The ring he put on my finger resembles the shape of a snowflake and will always remind me of how our love story began.

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