Sammy and Nick

How We Met

Sammy was a sophomore at Indiana University of Pennsylvania when she met Nick. They met at the campus ministry at IUP and had many mutual friends but never really hungout until later in the fall semester. One day, Sammy saw Nick in Coffeeplace Coffeehouse and asked him to get coffee sometime.

They went on their first unofficial “date” at the Commonplace and hit it off! After getting midnight pancakes and sharing interests and their testimonies, Nick asked Sammy to be his girlfriend on December 12, 2013. And thus the story began!

how they asked

Her side: Nick asked me a few weeks prior to our 2 year anniversary to take the whole day off of work so we could have a date day. I was pretty excited for whatever he had planned and was pumped to celebrate 2 whole years of dating. We got up super early and headed to Pittsburgh to do some fun activities. We did the Escape Room, shopped around a little bit, and ate some delicious food at Mad Mex. Throughout the week prior I was kind of suspicious Nick might propose on our anniversary. I mean, c’mon, 2 years together! It was about time right?

I pushed my suspicions to the back of my head for the most part though. On the way home from dinner, Nick said we were going to end our date day at The Commonplace — where we had our first date and also where Nick works. He said we “had to be there at 7” and took the wonkiest route back to Indiana. I’m usually pretty talkative in the car and Nick is more of a listener, but I’m telling you: Nick didn’t make a peep the entire way home.

So we finally arrived at The Commonplace and I was greeted by a reserved table (the table we sat at on our first date) with candles and a little succulent on it. I held in tears while Nick went inside the coffee shop to order the drinks we had our first date (hot chocolate and a black coffee). We sat and talked for a while and kept getting interrupted by a TON of our friends. It was actually kind of annoying. Then I saw our friends Brandon and Jill. Jill is a photographer mind you, so I got pretty suspicious when I saw her. As Nick sat there and poured his heart out to me, I could feel it in my chest what was about to happen. Then I basically blacked out.

Nick said so many sweet things to me, dropped to his knee, and asked me to be his wife. After crying my face off and not even giving a real answer, I said yes! Unbeknownst to me, all the friends we had run into were there to see the proposal and Jill was there to take photos. Nick’s family then came with champagne shortly after and we all celebrated. It was the greatest moment of my life, next to the day I was saved, and I will never forget how perfect that day was!

His Side: There she sat. Looking even more beautiful than she had two years prior when we originally sat across from each other at our small table-for-two at our favorite coffee shop. The first time our conversation was very smooth and easy as we shared our life stories and talked about our Savior. This time, however, as we sat there I nervously fumbled over a recollection of the past two years we had spent together and how I had known since that very first night that this moment was most assuredly in the future as I knelt down and asked the love of my life to marry me. The tides then turned from me being an anxious mess to her being so overtaken with emotion that she forgot to answer the question until I reminded her that that was sort of the point.

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