Sammy and Mike

How We Met

We met at college (Quinnipiac University) in the fall of 2007. We were really close friends all throughout college and transitioned into a relationship right before we started the second semester of senior year- we’ve been inseparable ever since! Maybe even before then actually..

how they asked

We were supposed to go to dinner with some friends from work and Mike suggested that we make a day out of it. We had brunch in Astoria then went to the Museum of Natural History to walk around. Mike mentioned that he wanted to go see Strawberry Fields in Central Park since we’d never been there before and said we could just cut across the park to go to the restaurant for early dinner. Somewhere in between we ended up on the Bow Bridge and we ended up engaged!! After that, he asked if it was okay to go back to Astoria and have dinner-just the two of us- at one of our favorite restaurants. What actually happened when we got there is I was surprised to see all of our friends and family waiting to congratulate us! It was the most perfect day ever.

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Our Video

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Dale John Films
 | Photography/Videography
Halsey's Tavern
 | Engagement Party