Sammy and Kennedy

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How We Met

We met on Hinge right at the beginning of 2019, and we had our first date on January 5th. It was just supposed to be a short coffee date (I had even made plans that evening with friends), but we immediately had such a connection that the coffee date turned into an absolute marathon. We talked for hours, shared our first kiss, had tacos, had chocolate…it was the best first date either of us had ever had.

As we parted that night, she called her mom and said she thought she had just met her future husband.

Cut to now, nearly three years later, we have an apartment in Manhattan together, we have two adorable cats together, and we can’t imagine a life without each other.

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How They Asked

“Can’t Help Falling in Love” is Kennedy’s favorite song, and we’ve had several beautiful, romantic moments with that song over the course of our relationship. I knew YEARS ago that I wanted that song to be present in my proposal.

In August of this year, Kennedy went to Colorado for a few days to visit her family. I used that time away from her to record a cover of the song, and begin real preparation for the Big Question. We had plans to go down to Florida to visit my family in November, and I thought that would be the perfect opportunity to propose.

Once the music was done, I started looking for the ring. The two of us have been very open about wanting to get married one day, so I already knew some criteria she wanted for her engagement ring. For instance, I knew she didn’t want anything too showy or gaudy, and she wanted some green present in the ring as well. I spent weeks searching for green gemstones of all different sorts: emeralds, tourmaline, etc., before I stumbled upon green sapphires. I didn’t even know green sapphires existed! I was able to design a custom ring around a green sapphire, and then it was time to work on the video.

I began telling our friends and family one by one, and sent them audio recordings of the line I’d need each of them to sing. Over the next few months, videos slowly started coming in, and I’d use any solitary moment I had to begin editing them all together.

I know Kennedy, and I knew she’d want the proposal to be private. But she’d also want to be able to talk to her family about it IMMEDIATELY after. So I arranged it so that we’d watch the video in private, but her entire family would be on a Zoom call, waiting to surprise her!

When the Florida trip came, I told Kennedy I had recorded an audition earlier that had specifically asked for “interesting editing choices,” and I wanted her to look at it before I submitted it. And that’s how I got her to sit down (in front of my hidden camera recording everything), and watch the video that led directly into me asking her to marry me.

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