Sammy and John's Proposal in the Meadow

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How We Met

John and I went to high school together and we had many mutual friends but we didn’t ever hang out together. Our story begins when one of my best friends married one of his good friends. To make a long story short, I came to John’s New Years Eve party where he flat-out told me he wished that he could have kissed me at midnight (I woudn’t have minded). He proceeds to ask me out to coffee a couple days later. At coffee, we end up talking for 3 & 1/2 hours and the rest is history.

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how they asked

One of my best friends Meg, is a professional photographer and is the one that set John and I up. John had been working with Meg for a couple weeks preparing and planning for the proposal.

There is a large meadow/creek/lake area with many trails through the area very near to where John and I live. Earlier that week John and I made plans to go to a restaurant nearby. He somehow convinces me that it would be a good idea to walk to this restaurant that is 20 minutes away. As we are walking down a meadow trail, he starts telling me how much he loves me and said something along the lines of he will love me for forever (He was getting down on one knee at this point) At the same time he was getting down on one knee, Meg and her husband Max were hunkered down in the weeds just off of the trail taking pictures the whole thing!

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There is one last piece to this story, after Meg took some more pictures of us, we all went to a local restaurant which I thought was a last minute celebration plan. Turns out, he had all of my family, his family and some of our friends waiting to congratulate and celebrate with us. 2 big surprises in one day and I loved every second of it! :)

Special Thanks

Meg Van Ordstrand
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