Sammie and Kyle

how we met

Back in March 2016 Kyle sent me a message on OKcupid. In April 2016 I finally responded after reactivating my account. We exchanged a few messages before Kyle ghosted me because he started seeing someone else. Fast forward to June 2016 when we found ourselves at the same pool party and immediately recognized each other. After a few (or a lot of) drinks we finally acknowledged each other’s existence. Then came a few weeks of texting and late night pool parties (by “parties” I mean it was just the two of us drinking in his pool well after midnight) we began dating.

how they asked

I (Kyle) had met our photographer Stephen through my work. He mentioned that he and his wife Melissa were planning on starting their photography business and were looking for couples to shoot for their website and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to surprise Sammie. Together we worked out the details, the location and the surprise. All Sammie knew was we had an opportunity to get some cute photos and help out Stephen and Melissa’s business. We went to two locations in the Prescott, AZ area, first was at a lake and the second at the downtown courthouse. I purposely did not do it at the lake as I thought it would be too obvious and Sammie would see it coming. Which worked perfectly! By the time we got too the courthouse she assumed it wasn’t going to happen today. At the end of the photoshoot we took turns doing individual photos which is when Melissa slipped me the ring and I got down on one knee behind Sammie and waited for her to turn around. She did, I asked, she cried and said yes. The rest is history.

Special Thanks

Arizona Snow Bowl
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Flagstaff Area
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