Sammi and Philip

how they asked: After 2 years of long distance dating, one deployment, and many visits and Skype dates…Philip finally proposed! Philip joined the military just shortly before we met, so I had not known a normal relationship with him, all I knew was that we were 4,000 miles apart for 2 years, and one of those years, he spent deployed in Afghanistan. We’d visit each other as often as we could afford it, I would fly out to hawaii, he would come home to Florida and we’d have skype dates at least 3 times a week. I flew out to Hawaii to visit, 3 days into my vacation Philip got us a hotel room instead of staying at his place. After the most amazing day in Waikiki, Philip and I made plans to go to dinner. As I’m getting ready, he tells me he wants to walk the beach to the restaurant instead of taking the car. As were walking, Philip turns to me and tells me that he “doesn’t want to do long distance anymore” and I thought he was breaking up with me! Just as I’m about to say something, he drops to his knee and asks me to marry him and never spend another day apart from him! I said yes, of course! After all the hugs and kisses and tears of joy, a photographer emerges from the bushes and reveals that Philip had hired him to capture the whole engagement!

Image 1 of Sammi and Philip