Sammi and Jake

How We Met

Jake and I met while I was doing my student teaching at an elementary school two years ago. I was teaching in first grade and he was the computer guy at the school :) My mom actually knew Jake before I did! She works in the library at the same school! We met and right away started talking all of the time. We would meet in his office every morning and talk and get to know each other. We would message each other after work too – keeping it a secret the whole time! Since we worked together that semester we wanted to keep it a friendship and get to know each other..but we couldn’t stop from secretly flirting all of the time :) Finally towards the end of my student teaching we went out on our first date, and by the third date we were officially boyfriend/girlfriend. We waited until the last day of my student teaching to tell everyone at the school we were dating!

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how they asked

We were planning on going downtown on a Saturday. This wasn’t uncommon, as we go downtown a lot. We saw online that the Field Museum was free admission the entire month of February, and Saturday the 20th ended up being 55 degrees! Jake and I went to brunch downtown and then took a cab to the museum campus. We got out of the cab and walked to one of our favorite spots by the Planetarium, where you can see the entire skyline by the lake. Jake wanted to take a selfie of us, and the next thing I know he was putting his phone away and getting down on one knee! I was so shocked and excited and overwhelmed with joy that I could barely pay attention to what I was saying! Jake has always told me, “When you know, you know” and that couldn’t be more true. I was so thrilled to be spending the rest of my life with the person that I’ve known was the one. People were clapping and cheering for us and I was so happy I think the only actual word that I formed was, “YES!” When I thought this moment couldn’t possibly get any better, it turns out Jake was coordinating with my sister and cousin to sneak downtown and take pictures of the proposal happening! I’m so lucky to be marrying someone so thoughtful that arranged a way for us to capture the best moment of our lives (so far) to look back at and remember forever!

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