Sami and William

Image 1 of Sami and WilliamI’m from West Virginia, but moved down south after high school, residing in north Florida and south Georgia for over a decade before joining the armed forces. I spent six years in the military, serving a number of tours overseas in places Fox News and CNN love to debate about. My service was cut short due to an injury I suffered in Iraq. When I returned home, I was restless and a bit of a disheveled mess, yet I discovered that I missed the military, not necessarily the combat, but the idea of serving a purpose greater than my own interests. Even though I had a college degree in finance/economics, I moved back to West Virginia to pursue a new degree and career in nursing. I met Sami a few weeks after returning home – although our first encounter was probably less than charming. I was having drinks and sharing stories in a local bar with a comrade who had just returned from Afghanistan. Sami was tending bar that night and I spent the better half of the evening hoping that a little liquid courage would help me figure out something clever to say to her, but it never happened (Side note: I am socially awkward and fairly quiet in most places so I hoped she would notice the quiet guy in the corner. She didn’t.) Luck was on my side that night when a female friend happened to show up. She knew Sami and picked up on my interest, and arranged for us to meet. After the military I was very hesitant to share my life or any of its details with anyone, but Sami knew how to talk to me. Being with her was the only time I felt at ease. As solid as I appeared on the outside, she was the glue that held me together on the inside. She supported me as I obtained my degree in nursing, selflessly waiting to start her Master’s program until I graduated. Sami amazes me every day. She is selfless in her love for me and she is in my heart every second of every day. Sami brings out the best in me, and without her I would not be what I am now. I want to do everything I can to make her happy.

Cedarwood Weddings helped me propose and here’s how (from their point of view!):
We rarely get to participate in proposals, so we were honored and excited that William reached out to us all the way from West Virginia (we are in Nashville) to help him plan a romantic proposal! William told us he and Sami already knew that they wanted to be married at Cedarwood after discovering us online (William said they frequently spent evenings with wine and our website which we loved to hear).

Despite having said wedding plans, William had not yet “officially” proposed with an engagement ring. So, on a trip that they had planned heading south, William told Sami they should ‘check out’ Cedarwood while they were stopped in Nashville anyways. Little did she know that he had concocted the cutest little surprise once they arrived for their site tour…
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Photography: Claudia Kay
Venue: Historic Cedarwood, Nashville, Tennessee
Event styling, floral, decor and prop calligraphy: Cedarwood Weddings