Sami and Travis

Sami and Travis's Engagement in Walt Disney World

How We Met

In short, we met the traditional way: on Tinder! ;) I was down on my luck as far as dating was concerned in the summer of 2017. I was encouraged by my good friend and roommate at the time, Karina, to give the dating app with a bad reputation a try. I had a love/hate relationship with Tinder. Being a hard introvert, the idea of a dating app horrified me but trying to strike up a conversation in a random social situation scared me more, so I downloaded the thing. There were several occasions of creating a profile only to delete it again. I was super selective when it came to “swiping right” on a man… I did not do it often!

Proposal Ideas Walt Disney World

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Walt Disney World

So infrequently in fact, that my best friend (MoH Dame) told me that my Tinder habits gave her anxiety. However, something about the blonde guy who, and I quote from his biography section, “stared into the distance while pondering toppings to put on my pizza” caused me to pause for a moment. Initially, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do… his photos were so far away, and his profile was less than promising– only saying Travis, 27 (age). However, I am a sucker for a blue-eyed blonde, so I took a chance.

Sami's Proposal in Walt Disney World

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Walt Disney World

How They Asked

Anyone who knows me knows that Snow White has been my very favorite Disney heroine since I was about 4 years old. I chose to be Snow White for the Halloween costume contest at school, and I won first place. Snow White was the original Disney Princess, Walt’s favorite, and of course, I identified with her dark hair, dark eyes, and ability to talk to the forest animals!

Travis came home from another deployment (our second together) in September 2018. Prior to his homecoming, he told me that he really wanted to go to Disney World when he came home. Of course, I was completely in! Disney World means a lot to me. It is in my blood. My grandmother made magic with Disney for 40 years before retiring, and my mother was raised there. I grew up taking trips to Disney regularly, and the frequency increased as an adult. Ultimately, he also surprised me with Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party tickets (as previously stated, Halloween and I go way back) and tickets to a special dessert party and firework viewing at Magic Kingdom park on 10/28/18.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t initially suspicious, but as the day grew nearer, I cared less about the possibility of a proposal and more about the 10 days of uninterrupted time together! On the night of the big question, Travis appeared– rather agitated. I LOVED the dessert party and was LIVING my best life and could not figure out why he was so distracted, distant, and way too uninterested in the buffet of Disney-themed desserts! I am a fool for a parade, and I had never seen the Boo To You parade that only runs for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, so naturally, I wanted a front row seat on Main Street to see it before returning to VIP viewing area for the Hallowishes Fireworks. Travis tried (futilely) to corral me, but I could NOT be tamed! I had to see the parade. Of course, he conceded, but as soon as the parade passed, he dragged me to the viewing area for the fireworks where he continued to act oddly as I danced to the Disney villains signaling the start of the fireworks.

Less than 1 minute in, Travis said in my ear: You know what would make this better? If you would marry me. He took a knee with a beaming smile and presented me with a very special ring. A Disney Enchanted Limited Edition Snow White Engagement Ring. I learned that there were only 80 of them to commemorate my favorite princess’s 80th birthday. I laughed and said “Yes”. Then I cried (DUH!). Apparently, Travis was stressing the entire evening because he had arranged for a photographer to capture this moment and couldn’t find one, and he couldn’t lose me long enough to speak to a manager about it. I can’t thank him enough for making that moment so special for both of us. That night, back at Shades of Green Resort, he showed me that he had matching Just Engaged t-shirts made that we wore to EPCOT as we celebrated our engagement around the world the following day.

We are so looking forward to our Disney Fairytale Wedding in October 2019!

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