Sami and Francisco

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How We Met

Francisco and I met, fell in love, and were engaged in just 14 months. It was the night of June 2nd when I decided to go out with one of my best friends for a classic girl’s night. Which for us meant going out to a nice restaurant for dinner and dancing our hearts out all night. Later in the night we ended up at a bar called Jefferson Social and were in the middle of the dance floor when I feel this tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see this guy trying to talk to me, but with his thick accent, I couldn’t understand anything he said over the loud music. I turned back around and returned to my dancing. I then felt another tap on my shoulder, this time when I turned around he said:
“I’m sorry, but I had to come and talk to you because you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.”
At this point, I’m annoyed and respond: “wow does that work on all of the girls, what a line.”

He says: “come outside and talk to me and I will prove to you it isn’t a line”
So I go outside and talk to him for a few minutes before My friends come out to get me and is ready to go to a different bar. He then says that he doesn’t want to bother me and take my number, but I can text him if I want and he will prove me wrong. So we start to text and he asked me out for Monday night. Well, Monday night comes and my mom comes into my bedroom as I’m asleep and says “don’t you have a date tonight?” I respond ugh yes but I’m going to tell him I have a doctor’s appointment, as I roll over and go back to sleep. After telling him that I had to cancel he asked me out for dinner on Thursday and I told him that I wouldn’t go to dinner, but would go to Starbucks for some coffee. After that Starbucks date, I knew that I had met someone special, but even at that moment I didn’t understand the importance of what had just happened. At the end of the date, I told him “I guess you’re right you did prove me wrong.” This is when he corrected me and said that he would continue to prove himself to me for the rest of my life. I’m lucky to have met my soon to be husband in the most unlikely place.

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How They Asked

We had only known each other for 6 short months when he asked my family if he could pop the question! His plan had to be executed perfectly so that the surprise wouldn’t be ruined. As far as I knew we were planning to visit his family for two weeks in Azenhas Do Mar, Portugal.

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We arrived at his parents’ house and settled in eagerly awaiting our vacation. The next morning he told me that we were going to one of his high school friend’s beach party and we needed to dress up since it was a fancy affair.

Without knowing anything I followed along. Then once we had finished getting ready he told me that before we left he wanted to watch a military air show that was happening that morning on the beach.

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We sat out on his parents’ patio when all of a sudden I saw a little plane flying with a banner. I remember thinking to myself, “….. this is your military?” However as the plane got closer I began to make out the words “Sami, will you marry me.” Before I knew it I turned around and he was on one knee and of course, I immediately said YES! He then told me that there was still one more surprise. I turned around to see his entire family waving in the living room window!

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Then we started to walk back up to his parents’ house when my brother who is a photographer came walking out with his camera followed by my entire family. I immediately burst into tears. I couldn’t believe that he had my entire family fly from Cincinnati to Portugal without me ever finding out.

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We spent the next week traveling the country and letting our families get to know one another since we would soon be one family! Two continents, two languages, two people….. one love, one promise, one family.

Special Thanks

Hunter and Light
 | Photographer