Sami and Corey

How We Met

Corey and I met 7 years ago at a mutual friends wedding reception at Jimmy Vs in Westerville Ohio. I thought he was really weird because he was acting all crazy with his friends. I found him on Facebook a couple months later and we began talking. Corey is very introverted and was too shy to meet up with me.

So one day I shot him an email (he didn’t have text messaging at the time) told him I was meeting him wherever he was and we were going to hang out. I showed up to his friend’s place, and we went to a skate park and hung out all night. Pretty much after that, we were constantly getting together or talking. May 1st, 2011 was when he officially asked me to be his girlfriend :)

how they asked

It was right after the new year, January 2nd to be exact. We just watched Ohio State beat Alabama in the visit College football playoff the night before. Corey (my then boyfriend) was very sick, head a head cold. We were in the mountains for the weekend snowboarding like we usually do for New Years. He was on his phone all morning, and I’m nudging him to get ready to hit the slopes. We finally get out on the mountain and hit the slopes. Corey kept acting weird and texting on his phone, of course, I was starting to get irritated. Finally, I say let’s call it a day and go have some drinks. He started acting even weirder and said okay, let’s go. So we get off the lift and he asked me to go in the opposite direction that I was heading in, I told him no I want to go to the bar. As I was walking I notice my parents standing in the distance.

Of course, I’m confused why my parents are standing on top of a mountain at a ski resort so I walk over. Wondering what was going on, and my father tries to hide from me even though he is wearing camo and my mom is wearing a puffy red coat that goes past her knees. I walk up to them and ask what they are doing here. Corey comes up behind me and catches my attention, I turn around and he is down on one knee. “Sami, will you marry me?” And he pulls out the ring. I’m so cold I couldn’t produce any tears but I choke out, “of course! “