Sameera and Gerry

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How We Met

Gerry and I met back in 2009, during my freshman year of college and his sophomore year. We went to two separate colleges in Kentucky an hour and a half away from each other. We did not know of each other’s existence (even though we grew up in the same city) until November 2009. I saw his Facebook page and thought he was cute and we had tons of mutual friends between us. He added me and he began to write me with friendly conversation. We decided to exchange numbers and text each other. We would text day in and day out about all kinds of different things. We kept things pretty friendly but I could tell that I was beginning to like him. We finally met up in December on our Winter break and we went out to eat with some of my friends. Mind you, we’ve never spoken on the phone or seen one another in person so this was pretty nerve wrecking to say the least. We were at BW3’s, everything’s going okay and I start to feel my new nose piercing bleeding. I go to the bathroom and I notice that it’s all bloody around the ring. I was so prettified because I know he had been sitting there staring at this bloody mess on my face. We both go to our homes that night and he begins to text me about our night. He tells me that he thought I had the prettiest eyes and that just made me so happy. I was so worried about my nose and he wasn’t even noticing it. We started talking on the phone after that and not too long after we became girlfriend and boyfriend. We dated long distance our entire time in college because neither of us had cars (he did his last year but I didn’t). So we would just have to wait on our major breaks to spend long periods of time with one another. It was hard but we got through it.

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how they asked

The night he asked me to be his wife was probably the most exciting, nervous, happiest, overwhelmed I’ve ever been lol. Since we don’t have the same off days we usually try and do things together when we do. So this particular week in November we had the same day off. We made plans to go get lunch that day and that night we were going to make cupcakes. We went out to lunch and everything then went to his house because he said he needed to pick some stuff up. His mom was all dressed up and I was asking her where she was going. She told me her and Gerry’s little sister were going out to eat that night since they rarely get mother daughter time. I was excited for them and we began to talk about Scandals season finale coming on that night. I kept rushing Gerry because I wanted to get home in time to watch it and make some cupcakes lol. We ended up leaving and we were heading down to my house when he took a different turn. I asked where we were going and he said we were going to stay the night at 21C. Now that’s a super fancy expensive hotel/museum so of course I began to ask why??? He just said he wanted to do something nice and we had been talking about staying there. We get there and run into his friend who works there. He starts making small talk with me and I notice Gerry’s looking around all suspicious like. So of course I’m thinking what the heck is going on. Gerry disappears and I’m stuck talking with his friend. Next thing I know, his little sister appears then his mom and I’m immediately like what is happening?? All of a sudden all of my close friends, my family, and his family and friends come around the corner. I see him and I just start crying because I pretty much knew what was about to happen. He got down on one knee and I was crying so hard he said he didn’t want to make it worse so he just simply asked me would I marry him and of course I said yes!! :) I didn’t even see the ring at first I was just so excited and emotional! Our wedding is September 30, 2016.

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