She Said Yes—and I Do—All in the Same Day

Image 1 of Catie and Zach

How We Met

Zach and I met while I was working at a Marriott in Austin. He travels for work each week so we saw each other a few times at the hotel. One day he handed me a business card and said if I wasn’t doing anything we should grab dinner or drinks. He said he was stuck in Austin due to a storm in Dallas where he was living. For some reason, I felt a wave of courage and said, “Why the hell not?”

Dinner and drinks went great and we would meet when we were in each others cities which was almost monthly. Soon after Zach moved to Austin and we began hanging out more often. Finally we made it official and starting dating. Then in February 2016 we moved to Denver together!

Saying “Yes” and “I do” all in one day!

Zach and I went up to Vail for what I thought was a getaway weekend just the two of us. Little did I know Zach’s months of hard work were beginning to fall in place…

So, we arrive in Vail, get checked in, and head up the gondola for lunch.

Image 2 of Catie and Zach

Image 3 of Catie and Zach

As we walk over to a scenic viewing area with a huge wooden deck, Zach cannot hold in the anticipation and almost immediately drops to one knee. “Catie Winona Bossard… will you marry me.”

I am pretty sure I said “Yes” before he could even finish.

Image 4 of Catie and Zach

Image 5 of Catie and Zach

Luckily, Zach and I have discussed marriage for quite some time so it was not necessarily unexpected but none the less a very exciting moment. He told me “Everyone is here but I have a second question for you.”

I look up and see his family and a few friends come running down to celebrate.

Image 6 of Catie and Zach

Then he says… “I have a second question. Would you want to marry me today? Everything is set up. Your dress, plans and EVERYONE is here.” As I turn around I see my mom, sister, best friends, aunt and uncle come running to greet us. Ecstatic and confused I burst into tears and start crying and hugging on Zach then the entire family. Everyone is still waiting for my answer but I am still unsure of the question. “Catie, do you want to get married today? I have everything ready to go in about 3 hours.” I am quickly trying to process exactly what is happening. My answer… “Yes. Let’s do it!”

Image 7 of Catie and Zach

As the wedding begins immediately after the engagement we make our way back to the hotel and start getting ready. The guys all gather in one room and my family had a bridal room setup for me. Luckily, we have the most amazing family and friends so everything was so easy… hair, make-up, ties, suites… And the dress. Everyone we tell this story to is so concerned about THE DRESS!

Image 8 of Catie and Zach

Image 9 of Catie and Zach

Image 10 of Catie and Zach

My mom and sister picked out a dress and my two best friends Alex and Amanda picked out another. It was easy. Tried them both on and went with the one that I felt most comfortable in. Oh, and it was beautiful.

Image 11 of Catie and Zach

Image 12 of Catie and Zach

The ceremony was on top of Vail mountain overlooking the most beautiful view I have ever seen. One of my best friends and fellow coaches, Bryce married us about 4 hours after the engagement. Zach’s friend, Landon was even there to help get everything on camera.

Image 13 of Catie and Zach

Image 14 of Catie and Zach

Image 15 of Catie and Zach

I will never fully understand what was going on in Zach’s head but I am certain he knows me better than anyone in this world. I never wanted a big wedding. I never wanted to spend hours finding a “perfect dress”. I never wanted to make a guest list and think I left someone out. I never wanted to plan this “perfect wedding” that I never wanted. What I wanted was to marry my best friend. I wanted exactly what Zach gave me. Love. Friendship. A sense of peace when he’s around. Marriage is so much more than a wedding or party.

Thank you to all of our family and friends for help. I know Zach is a great delegator and had you all busy. Y’all pulled it off! Best surprise wedding ever!

And most of all… Thank you Zach. Words do not explain how surprised, happy and grateful I am. I love you babe.

Image 16 of Catie and Zach

Special Thanks

Landon Momberg
 | photographer