Samara and Steven


How We Met


how they asked

I woke up to the sound of Steve screaming “wake up it’s a beautiful day!!!!” It was 8:00am the morning of the purposal and all I wanted to do was sleep in. I work early mornings to late evenings at a daycare, so you could imagine how I felt when I saw the time. His smile was beaming when I think back to it, I got up to use the washroom and the moment I got back into the bedroom my head hit the pillow and I slept for another 2 hours.

It’s now 10:00am and he is still up waiting for me to get up, I eventually noticed how extremely patient he was being with me and woke up. We continued our Sunday just as we would any other, ran errands and laughed the day driving away. He had asked me earlier on in the week if we wanted to go on a hike Sunday to Dundas Peak.

We had been talking about going for a hike there for a couple weeks now, so obviously I agreed. We quickly got home from running errands, grabbed my dog Chico and headed out! We had to stop first to let my friends dogs out while she was working, so after that playful pit stop we were back on our way!

He had asked me to put the location of our hike into the gps and of course after 35 mins and no sight or a forest near by we realized I had put it in wrong! By this point I had to pee and Chico (my dog) was getting restless. We drove a bit and found Dundas Valley, which is another hiking grounds area, so I told him to drive in pay the 10$ fee and let me and the dog pee.

It was mid afternoon and due to the time change days were getting shorter and shorter! After I went to the washroom we decided to put it into the gps one more time, we both argued because I thought that we should just stay here and hike because we knew the area (we’ve hiked it before) and because we were already there and he was adamant on finding Dundas Peak.

I eventually caved and off for the 3rd time on our way! 13 minutes later… YAY we were finally there! We hiked and hiked and during our hike I noticed how quiet Steve became, and my lord the sweat! It was a beautiful fall sunny day but I just remember thinking someone like Steve at the height of his fitness goals should not be sweating that much!

We finally reached the top of the Peak! Breathtaking is an understatement. You can literally see all of Hamilton and beyond. It was very busy as you can imagine and Chico was acting up and it got me nervous being so close to a Peak that he might jump off! I picked him up and the little bugger just wanted to be down sniffing away, I asked Steve if we could take some quick pictures and then be on our way, he nodded.

I eventually started walking to an alternate route to see if we could find any other separate spots to sit down for a second and give the dog some water. I turned around to make sure Steve saw where I was going and he was gone! Two seconds after I hear my name being called and I was asked to come down a tiny steep hill to a separate/private Peak.

After several attempts and “I can’t do it’s” Steve finally said.. “Sam don’t make me do this while your sitting down” confused and excited I slid down that hill faster than you can say go! He said his personal thoughts and feelings and got down on one knee!


There it was.. the moment I had been waiting for my whole life! Of course I said yes and that was that! Just kidding, but seriously though he included my dog which seriously melted my heart.


Steve and I had originally met at Turtle Jacks, we were both 18 and it was love at first sight. We were both dating different people but always kept in touch. Eventually when we were both 20 and single we began hanging out and yep, we started dating and almost 5 years later here we are.


I am the most excited and in love and I cannot wait to marry this man.


He is truly a patient and gentle human being and believe me when I say how lucky I am. Can’t wait for September 2018!