Samar and Jamil

How We Met: I added Jamil on Facebook, thinking he was someone I knew. On Valentine’s Day 2012 he sends me a message on Facebook and we start talking. Jamil was just new to Kuwait and we were discussing where he should have dinner, when he suggested we go out for a burger. After work we met up and had our first meal together. That weekend was a public holiday in Kuwait and so he travelled to Lebanon, when he returned I surprised him at the airport with his favorite chocolates and that’s how everything started.

Image 4 of Samar and Jamil

how they asked: Jamil surprised me with a 4 day trip to Dubai for my birthday. He arranged for us to have dinner on the 18th of July at the Al Muntaha restaurant on the 27th floor of Burj Al Arab. On that day we arrived in a Rolls Royce, which was amazing and went up to the Skyview Bar where we had drinks, and then moved on to the restaurant for dinner. The food was delicious and the setting was cozy and romantic, we were seated in a corner facing the window overlooking the glistening lights of Dubai. On our way out, we were escorted by one of the hostesses to the spa on the 18th floor.

That’s when I whispered to him “what’s going on?”, and he replied that we were getting a tour of the spa area. At that point I remember thinking “is it necessary” since my feet were killing me from wearing heels all night I just wanted to get to a cab to take them off. On the 18th floor we were met by a lovely lady who escorted us to the spa area, once we went through the double doors the first thing I saw was a table with champagne and gold petals on the floor.

Image 1 of Samar and Jamil

It immediately hit me that Jamil was going to propose. I was in complete shock that I couldn’t speak and I froze. Jamil led me to the entrance of the pool where there was a memory lane of all his favorite memories of us. As I read all the little notes, tears welled up in my eyes. The memory lane led us to an easel which had a frame covered in a gold sequenced fabric with a note ‘pull me down’, once it was down, there were the words ‘Will you Marry me’.

Image 2 of Samar and Jamil

Afterwards, the lights were dimmed and we had a relaxing massage and swim in the gorgeous infinity pool.

Image 3 of Samar and Jamil

Photos by: Bernie and Bindi

Proposal Planner: Proposal Boutique