Samantha and Stephen

Proposal Ideas New Orleans- Lake Pontchartrain Lakefront

How We Met

Stephen and I met in September 2014. We’re both originally from Ohio and went to Ohio State University, but had never met each other, and were both currently living in New Orleans, LA. We met during Ohio State’s only loss during that National Championship winning season, the Ohio State vs. Virginia Tech football game at our local Buckeye Bar- the Mid City Yacht Club.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in New Orleans- Lake Pontchartrain Lakefront

Wedding Proposal Ideas in New Orleans- Lake Pontchartrain Lakefront

Throughout the game, and our chances of winning are decreasing, I couldn’t help but notice the guy behind me getting more and more upset, similar to myself. He noticed the same thing and offered to buy me and my friends a bucket of beer to help soothe our misery. From that night on, the rest is history.

how they asked

Stephen and I spent the day out in the Mississippi Gulf fishing with our friends. On the way back from the Gulf, our friend Mike told us he had some extra tickets to the Pelicans game that night and we went to the game with our friend Danielle. After the game, Danielle asked us if we could run to the Lakefront to visit her girlfriend, Princess. You see, the Lakefront is a nice boardwalk right on Lake Ponchartrain. Stephen and I had been dating for a year and a half before he ever brought me to it, and I got mad at him and said “This is so romantic! Why have you never brought me here?!” So, throughout the last year and a half, Stephen and I have gone to the lakefront for walks, to show our friends, and just to send time together. We’re driving to the lakefront and Danielle says Princess is waiting for us. When we get there, Stephen goes to trunk of his car “to get a pair of scissors to cut off his wristband” from the Pelicans game. When he comes out of the car, Danielle suggests we take a picture. As I pose for the picture, Stephen pulls out the box and gets down on one knee.

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