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January 14, 2017, a day in which my love grew stronger for the man of my dreams. The day in which brought more love and happiness in to my life. The day in which I said “YES” to my future husband. It all started by Ryan’s family renting a cabin in Big Bear for a 3-day weekend. I was told we were going to Big Bear with the whole family to celebrate all the January birthdays in the family, The January birthdays included, my mom, Ryan’s sister, mom and brother. On Thursday night, January 12th, Ryan’s mom, dad, brother and his girlfriend, Ryan and myself drove up to Big Bear. We settled into the cabin, unpacked our bags, and went to bed early, it had been a tiring day and we wanted an early nights sleep since we had planned to go skiing and snowboarding the next day. On Friday, January 13th, we woke up to no electricity. That meant we had no lights, could not make any meals or turn on the heater. Since we had no power, my mom, brother and Ryan’s sister decided not to come up as planned that day, instead they would join us on Saturday. Skiing and snowboarding were not option that day either, as the entire Big Bear area had no power. One could say, that we were off to a good trip (lol). However, Edison eventually came through and Big Bear once again came back to life in the early afternoon.

Since it was too late to go skiing and snowboarding, Ryan and I decided to make the best of what was left of our day. We played in the snow, went for a walk, and shared a few beers in the Jacuzzi while still snowing. It turned out to be the best of times but everything with Ryan is always a good and special time. That night, we made dinner, played board games and once again retired to bed early as we were looking forward to spending the next day on the slopes, skiing and snowboarding (for real this time). On Saturday, January 14th, Ryan’s brother, girlfriend, myself and Ryan woke up early and eagerly put on our snow gear and headed out to purchase our ski lift tickets and hit the slopes. In addition, my mom called with good news and informed me that she was on her way up the mountain to join all of us already on the slopes. The whole day was spent skiing and having fun.

By the end of the ski day, we drove back to the cabin and were greeted by family and friends who made it to the cabin to join in the celebration. After, many “Hello’s” and hugs, I went to take a shower to freshen up. I got into my comfy clothes; leggings and a flannel shirt, (Ryan and I have matching flannels). I was set for the night, thinking I was going to have a relaxing night with the people I love and celebrating the January birthdays (boy, was I fooled). Sitting on the couch, my best friend handed me an I-Pad and said, “here, look at this.” Turning on the I-Pad, I watched a lovely message and video from Ryan expressing his love for me. It included photographs of all the memories we had made together over the year while playing to one of my favorite Celine Dion songs in the background.

Of course, I started crying. At the end of the video, there was a message that said “Please meet me outside, where I will be waiting for you.” My best friend handed me my snow jacket and shoes. I opened the door to the patio where there were red rose petals on the porch. I saw Ryan standing in the middle of the porch and I gave him a big hug while still crying. He gave me a kiss and directed me to the edge of the porch where a sign of lights in the snow said “Will you Marry Me?” He then got down on one knee holding a gorgeous ring and asked me to marry him. Crying with excitement, I did not hesitate and said “YES!”, I was ecstatic with joy. We kissed and hugged and then in turn, were kissed, hugged and congratulated by our friends and family. I was so grateful that Ryan invited my mom and brother to the engagement. I was even more grateful that Ryan and my dad had met the weekend before in which Ryan had asked my dads permission for my hand in marriage. Ryan made me the happiest girl that day and continues to do so everyday of my life. As we say to each other, “Always and Forever.”

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