Samantha and Nicholas

How We Met

My fiancé and I went to the same grammar school. He was a year ahead of me and in the same class as my older cousin. While his sister was in the same class as my younger cousin. Because of this, our families have known eachother for quite some time. However, we hadn’t met until for years before the proposal through a mutual friend as weird as that may sound. I believe everything happens for a reason and if we’d met any sooner or any later that it wouldn’t have been the right time! God works in mysterious ways and he gave us eachother at the perfect time!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in His backyard

How They Asked

Before the proposal my now fiancé had my best friend and mom trick me into getting my nails and hair done. Two things I had always told him were a must when he decided to propose. I was totally clueless and believed the excuses that they gave me. I never once second guessed them. He even went to my parents and asked for permission to marry me. Something I always felt strongly about. Once all of this was done my fiancé popped the question. He did so on Christmas Eve in his backyard. Having lined the steps with paper lanterns and strung lights up along the gazebo. It was beautiful! As soon as I walked through the backyard and saw the decorations I froze.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in His backyard

Proposal Ideas His backyard

My fiancé then had to lead me up the stairs where I saw a little French Bulldog puppy sitting in a wooden box with lights wrapped around it. I immediately picked her up and hugged her. I was so overwhelmed. My fiancé had told me to look at the collar. As I read the words “will you marry me?” he was getting down on one knee.

I was speechless and couldn’t even utter the words “yes”. To make it even better my whole family was waiting inside to surprise me! I received the best Christmas gift a girl could, her dream proposal with her dream man, dream ring, and the cutest little puppy!

Special Thanks

Thomas Giarraffa
 | Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring