Samantha Jo and Trent

How We Met: Trent and I met on August 3rd 2012, my friends had invited me to go to a dirt track race with them to watch a couple guys that they knew and I happily said yes because I love racing. I got ready and we headed to the race track and into the pits to meet up with the two guys that we were there to see race. That is where I first met Trent he was one of the racers, it was an instant attraction that sparked an undeniable romance. We continued to talk and hang out very regularly throughout the next month and on September 7th 2012 he officially asked me out and we have been together almost every day since.

Image 1 of Samantha Jo and Trent

how they asked: Our families became quick friends as we all have very similar hobbies and all live a similar lifestyle, so every summer since Trent and I have been together we have taken an annual family vacation where Trent’s Parents, Trent’s Brother, Trent, and Myself all head up to Wisconsin to spend an extended weekend with my father on his house boat. This year started the same instant laughs and fun had by all, by Friday July 31st we had made it up to Lake Pepin where my favorite restaurant “The Pickle Factory” is located. We docked the house boat and all walked up to the dock towards the restaurant as we got closer Trent said “do you want to get a picture in that big green chair?” I of course said yes and asked my dad to get a picture of us in the chair (not aware that this was all already pre-planned out) after my dad announced that he had gotten our picture I was going to get out of the chair when Trent got down on one knee in front of both our families and asked me to marry him! He proposed to me with his grandmothers ring who had passed away from breast cancer a few years back, I finally got out the word “yes” between breaths from crying so hard. I feel so blessed and honored to get to wear a ring that means so much to so many people and also to get to marry my best friend and officially combine our families into one.

Image 2 of Samantha Jo and Trent