Samantha and Devon

How We Met

My Fiancé and I met in college (College Sweetheart). We were in freshmen orientation when I first laid eyes on her. I know this is so cliché but when I saw Samantha, I knew I had met my soul mate. It was truly, love-at-first-sight. She had a smile that could light up a room and her personality was unlike anyone I have ever met. Throughout our freshmen year, we became really great friends. Then great friends turned into having strong feelings for each other. We would stay up all hours of the night talking to one another about our high school days, our families, things we liked to do, dreams, aspirations in life and just tried to keep the conversation going because we didn’t want to not be together. But this is where it got tricky, we were still lightly involved still with our ex’s (uh oh)! Samantha and I didn’t want to hurt our ex’s by saying we found someone else but eventually we had to broke the news. Then officially we started dating our Sophomore year. We were both college athletes, I played basketball and Samantha played softball and volleyball. When Samantha would come to my games and I would hit a 3 pointer, I would look and point at her and she would blow a kiss back. Felician University is what brought us together and now we’re engaged! We’re so excited for what the future holds.

Samantha's Proposal in Brooklyn, NY

How They Asked

What an amazing proposal! I’m still so excited to share this because it was executed so well by my fiancé (Devon). So, I was supposed to be going to brunch with my sister and aunt on that Sunday afternoon. I was running a little late so I told my sister (Christine) and my aunt (Maritiza) to come down and meet me in front of my sister’s building instead of in my sister’s apartment so that we could just walk to the brunch spot. But Christine insisted that I come up because they were on the rooftop taking pictures and wanted me to join them.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Brooklyn, NY

I met them upstairs and we started taking photos but then my aunt says “why don’t we go on the other side of the rooftop where we can see the city skyline” I’m like okay….so as we get closer, I start hearing “Unthinkable” by Alicia Keys which is our story (Devon and I) then I see trail of rose petals and candles leading to Devon in the middle of a large rose pedal heart shape. Emotions took over my body, I covered my face turned around and started crying because I couldn’t believe it. Devon walked down the trail of roses to come and bring me to where he was because I couldn’t move. As we walked into the center of the heart shaped roses I looked to my left and noticed 55 of our family and closed friends there ready to witness this special moment with us. Not including a videographer and a photographer that where there to capture this special moment.

So, While standing in the middle of the rose pedals Devon expressed when he first saw me that he knew I was his soulmate and that he couldn’t see his life without. He then asked popped the question “Ms. Samantha Ortiz will you marry me?” I was still in shock so I smiled and shook my head “YES”! We were showered with love and congratulations from our families, close friends and people from other buildings who came out to their balconies and windows to watch the proposal. The surprise continued when Devon had another area of the rooftop decorated with balloons and roses. He also had food, champagne, and an engagement cake. As the night went on, we continued to celebrate together. Devon and I felt like we were on cloud 9. We enjoyed the food, drinks and the company of our families and friends. In my eyes, the day was perfect and I wouldn’t change not one thing. My fiancé made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

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