Samantha and Dakota

How We Met: I met Dakota in my high school English class, senior year. We did a few projects together but it never went passed classmates. A year after we graduated he sent me a message on twitter wanting to hangout, so I agreed. We instantly clicked & discovered we both had crushes on one another in high school, just never said anything. About a month later he asked me to be his girlfriend with flowers & a stuffed animal. We have been inseparable ever since.

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how they asked: After completing Army basic training, Dakota went to more training for six months in Arizona. I flew from our hometown to visit him there. Not to say it was expected, but we both kind of knew the proposal was coming (obviously him more than me). I definitely agree with “when ya know, ya know”. He drove me up a gravel road, parked the car & asked me to walk up a mountain with him. Me being my normal self I went in my la la land & started taking photos of the scenery, while he proceeded to set up a camera on a timer to capture the moment. He asked me to come to him for a second then went on telling me how much I meant to him & my stomach instantly dropped. He then bent down on one knee & popped the question as the camera went off. I got so giddy, started tearing up & went for my gorgeous ring. I felt on top of the world, knowing he was about to change my last name.

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