Samantha and Malachy

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How We Met

Well, 4.5 years ago myself and my best friends “then” boyfriend was driving up to surprise my best friend at college and party our way through the infamous “Cortaca” weekend. I was fully prepared to happily third-wheel it and make love to my tonic and gin for the weekend (Billy Joel reference, fiancé will love that.) Anyway, as we were set to leave, BFF’s “then” BF asked me if his friend could take the drive up with us. Hesitantly, I said yes… only if he didn’t mind being smushed into the back seat of my mustang. I pull up to pick the two boys up and low and behold the tallest leprechaun you ever did see (Malachy.. the most leprechauny name EVER) walked up to my car, smiled and said “I’ll fit. Don’t worry about me.”

Fast forward through the most awkward three-hour car ride EVER that included silence….. a speeding ticket…. and more silence… and we finally made it to Cortland! As we pull into the town, Malachy asked if we’d mind if he stayed with us until his friends got home from the bar because he didn’t want to bring his duffle bag out with him. So we took him along for the BFF’s surprise.. which was a huge success btw.?? As BFF and “then” BF reunited, Malachy and I made a drink and started talking. I made him laugh, he made me blush and IT. WAS. OVER.

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Well, it was actually just beginning. A few hours go by and I totally forgot he was waiting for his friends to get back from the bar so he could go and stay with them for the weekend. We were all drinking and having a great time and as much as I didn’t want him to leave I had to ask… “um when are you leaving?” To which he replied, “actually do you mind if I stay here with you?” Now I know what you’re thinking… but it really wasn’t like that. BFF could tell we were hitting it off and she said OF COURSE!

As the night went on it was like we instantly became best friends… or maybe it was the alcohol.. but we’ll go with best friends. At the end of the night, he grabbed my phone to take a selfie and he kissed me. (so lame, I know… but it’s my favorite picture EVER.)

(About 7 hours after we met)

In the end, Malachy ended up staying with me the entire weekend and the only time we saw his friends was when we ran into them at the bar. I totally fell in love with him that weekend but I knew it had to be puppy love. I came to terms with the fact that I’d probably never see this tall leprechaun again. The drive home was way less awkward because, ya know, we were best friends now. So I pulled up to his house, he looked at me and said “that was really fun” and got out of the car. And that is what I figured to be the end of that! So I pulled away, made it halfway down the street and received the text that changed our lives.. “would you want to go see bad grandpa or something tomorrow? Also, will you let me drive your Mustang?” ….. and now we’re getting hitched!

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how they asked

Okay so what I’m about to tell you is the biggest OOPs in proposal history but it actually worked out well because I had a fresh mani every week for the last 4 months, so it’s okay ?

So Malachy took my dad to dinner 4 WHOLE MONTHS AGO and asked him for my hand in marriage. If you’re Italian, you know that it’s a BIG deal to get the fathers approval. But also if you’re Italian, you know we are loudmouths. So after the dinner, my dad came home all giddy and yelled “EVERYONE GUESS WHAT!? SAMM AND MAL ARE GETTING MARRIED!” Before he could even close the door behind him. *insert facepalm emoji here* because I was actually at the house visiting my mom.

So now I’m super excited and super nervous and never been so ready for something in my entire life! So I wait, a week goes by, three weeks go by, three months go by… you get it. So now I’m panicking because he CLEARLY wasn’t in a rush… or my dad heard him wrong which is also a possibility because, again, if you’re Italian you know that we only hear what we want to hear. So now I straight up ask him, because I’m annoying like that and he kept telling me to stop asking him (how dare he.) Another month goes by and I’ve now just decided to chill the heck out and be thankful that I have such an amazing boyfriend. It will happen when it’s meant to happen.

5/27/18: the day it was “meant to happen.” I’ll set the scene for you; pouring rain and running on 2 hours of sleep because I’m a night shift nurse and we don’t sleep and we never get used to that. So we’re getting ready for his sisters birthday surprise at a winery and I’m asking if it can be changed to the following day because I was cranky and figured it was worth a shot to ask (LOL) no one wanted to change the plans according to me (how dare they.) So a friend of ours drives us up to this beautiful winery in the pouring rain. I’m wearing a hideous raincoat and I’m not even caring that my hair was making me look like a wet dog because did I mention I was cranky?

But I decided to make the best of the day anyway. The place was absolutely beautiful and the rain finally lets up making the entire vineyard a strikingly dewey green color. As we were walking the vineyard stopping into different tasting tents, future sis-in-law spotted a bridge and decided it would be a great photo-op. So I’m taking pictures of future sis-in-law and her boyfriend on the bridge being the cutest people in the world, giggling and kissing and being in love! Then it was our turn. We get onto the bridge and we strike the typical couple pose and then I’m like “maybe we should change it up and kiss or something?” Well, Malachy definitely changed his pose alright. He got down on one knee !!!

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It was absolutely amazing. Better than anything I could have ever hoped for and it was totally worth the wait!! Everything was picture perfect (except for the hideous raincoat but whatever!)

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But wait! There’s more! Just when I think it couldn’t get anymore absolutely, positively perfect, we walked into a surprise engagement party at his parents’ house right when we got home!!

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Italian dad! ^ in case you were wondering

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We celebrated the night surrounded by our amazing families and forever friends. It was the best day of my life. I get to marry the most amazing man on earth, my best friend, Malachy. Thank you for squishing into my mustang all those years ago. I love you.