Samantha and Zachary

How We Met

Zach and I met our freshman year of college at SUNY Albany. His best friend found my debit card on the floor outside of our quad and gave it to Zach. Zach messaged me on Facebook that he found my debit card. I went to get my card from him and then a few months later he messaged me on Facebook and then apologized that he messaged the wrong person but that I was cute and he wanted to talk. We dated from the beginning of sophomore year throughout all of college, Zach then moved to California after college to pursue his dream as a meteorologist. He moved home 15 months later because he didn’t want to be far from me anymore. And then he proposed a few weeks after our four year anniversary!

How They Asked

We got engaged in my first semester of law school during finals. Zach knew I had never been to the tree before (even though I’ve lived in New York my entire life) AND travel to the city for school every day. He knew how badly I wanted to go and waited until I had a gap in finals. After he proposed, we went to Carmines for dinner and I walked into yet another surprise. Both of our parents and siblings were there, as well as my brother who flew in from California!

Also, even though this was in the middle of December, Zach is a meteorologist and somehow we were blessed with beautiful 55-degree weather in the middle of an NYC December!

Our Video