Samantha and Wesley

How We Met: Our families’ had known each other for many years leading up to our introduction. Coming from a small town, having both of our families working in the furniture business, and having both of our brothers in the same class, it was amazing that we didn’t meet until the 7th grade. I, unlike my brother, was raised in private school on the outskirts of town and lived at the dance studio I attended. Wesley was an all-American boy, raised in public school and spending all his spare time at the ball fields. When I transferred to public school in 7th, I was immediately taken by the tall, southern gentlemen sitting in my math class. After a year of adjusting and brushing off the ‘new girl’ title, we finally became close enough for him to write the all-so-famous ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ note.

how they asked: Flash forward a decade and a couple degrees later. It’s the weekend before Christmas, and I was under the impression (from Wesley’s sister-in-law) that the kids were gathering to take a picture that would be used for his sweet mother’s Christmas gift. Wesley send’s me a picture of what he’s going to wear so I can coordinate, and I wait for him to pick me up right in time to snap a few at sunset.

As we drive, I notice Wesley is taking a strange route to his brother’s house. He explains that the location of the photoshoot had changed to the local Rock Crusher Canyon (an event space full of deep canyons and lakes). I didn’t think much of this switch-up, except that the photos would probably turn out much better.

When we arrive at our destination I am not surprised that his brother and sister-in-law had not arrived yet. They were dealing with a 5 month old which typically caused them to be late. Wesley suggested that we enter the facility and scope out some great backgrounds for the photos. We walk down into the base of the canyon, through a grass field, and approach a beautiful lake that I didn’t even know existed (though I had been to the Canyon many of times). I was so distracted by the beautiful lake that I failed to notice a hay stack and old wine barrel set up with flowers and an iPad awaiting me to press ‘play’.

At this point I’m suspicious, but still thinking ‘maybe it’s a part of my Christmas present’…Wesley has always been a REALLY good gift giver. So we sit down, I press play, and the rest is history.

After the Wesley dropped his knee, I quickly asked him ‘where’s your dad?’ His dad has always been around with a camera in his hand documenting every moment of our relationship and I just knew he wouldn’t miss that moment for the world! Sure enough, out popped his dad from behind a bush dressed fully in camp and holding his Nikon.

The video was later updated with the photos of the actual proposal so that we could share with our family and friends.

We were married on February 28, 2015 at the Santa Fe River Ranch in Alachua, FL.