Samantha and Walter

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Tofino, BC

How We Met

Walter and I met each other at work. I was just an admin girl on site and he was superintended. Our first encounter was while i was just cleaning my desk with lysol wipes (I’m a clean freak) as he walks in he says ” hey your the new girl, Im Walter, nice to meet you” as he stretches out his hand to shake mine i awkwardly let go of the cleaning wipe and go to shake his hand … just as i am about to shake his hand i notice my hand is still wet with lysol and i say ” Hi i’m… lysol” Oh my god did I just say that out loud? So embarrassing, I then continue to correct myself after he laughs ” Sorry my hands are wet because of the Lysol… Im sam!”

Couple months pass and we just continued to be co-workers until one day I was on vacation in Vietnam and I get a message from him on Facebook that says he misses me. Strange… didn’t know he was even thinking of me! I went back to work the following week and next thing you know we are going for dinner every night and talking about serious life decisions including, babies, marriage and living arrangements! A couple weeks later we move in together and a couple months after that we decide to have a baby which we welcomed into this world in May 2015.

how they asked

On April 1, 2016 Walter and I planned a whale watching tour in Tofino, BC… Little did I know this would be a day I would remember forever. First off it was quite cold and breezy, obviously since we are on the ocean! Whales were so active today.. even our captain said in all his years he hasn’t seen such a show. As we were following the whales we realized the whales weren’t playing. They were mating! Wowza what a show haha. Walter and Ian (the captain) became instant friends. Bromance I would like to say. While I head back into the cabin of the boat to warm up with our baby Indie (yes she was strapped right on me!) Walter decided to stay on the deck and chat with Ian.


Finally, Walter came back down and said “Wow, we got lucky, Ian was wondering if we wanted to go check out an island after we drop off all the other people from the tour” my response was obvious.. “How much extra do we have to pay?” With a big smile on his face he said “NO CHARGE” just a friendly gesture. Normally i would have been suspicious of a proposal because I have been waiting 2 years for this to happen, but right before we left to Tofino Walter confirmed with me that there would be no proposal by asking ” Where is the key to the safe? Sorry babe i didn’t have time to get the ring”.

Well, i was disappointed but wasn’t going to let that ruin the family trip. Anyways, we dropped everyone off and now it was Just Ian the captain, Walter, our baby and myself. As we head back out Walter made me go on the front of the boat to “site see” and as i was shivering the boat starts to slow down right in front of a secluded beach and as i look to my left there he is Walter on one Knee! To be honest i can barely remember what he said! It was just Walter, Indie and I on a boat, surrounded by the ocean, and beautiful beaches. No one around (but Ian of course). It was so special and it was us. Simple, beautiful, yet funny. That is the beginning of our story.

Samantha and Walter's Engagement in Tofino, BC