Samantha and Virgil

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How We Met

Virgil and I were introduced by his cousin. I had been knowing his cousin for over a year because his cousin and my brother were best friends, but only was it in God’s timing for him to introduce me to Virgil. Our first conversation was over 3 hours long and it was none stop conversation. On our first date he said I was acting shy because of the smile I gave him but only did he know he gave me that little girl feeling or that giggly feelings and then I knew he would be my guy! We date for one year and 6 months and then he asked the most wonderful question of all questions. The video will show and explain how much our love means to each other :-)

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how they asked

I am originally from Louisiana and my mother was here in Michigan to visit me. Well Virgil had planned a little get together(so I thought) at his house and I thought it was so that my mother could meet his family, plus I had just got a new job as well as getting ready to graduate college, so little did I know it was a surprise engagement party.

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Everyone knew except me and everything was planned so lovely.

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It was the best day of my life so far :-)

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