Samantha and Tyler

How We Met

We both lived in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Baltimore, MD. He moved there for a job after he graduated from Ole Miss and I grew up in Baltimore County, so Federal Hill was the obvious next move after college. He lived across the street from a friend of mine, which is ultimately how we came to find each other. A casual run in at a local bar, singing karaoke as Hurricane Irene wrecked havoc & camping in a pop up trailer at Punkin’ Chunkin’ was all it took for us to fall in love…the rest is history.
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how they asked

On the morning of Sept 17th, we decided to sneak out to the mountains to see the Aspen leaves changing before our flight back to Maryland (Where I am from & Where we met). We decided to go to Jones Pass…this is our favorite camping, shooting & hiking spot! We stumbled up it a few years back, and consistently go back to the same exact spot! We loaded up our dogs, grabbed some coffee and hit the road! Once there, a group of men pulled into our “spot”, Tyler was not happy about this and I wasn’t sure why. I walked the dogs in the opposite direction as Tyler told these guys to get moving because he was about to propose (or so I heard later). After the group of hikers wished him luck & left the area, Tyler set up the GoPro on a rock, because I had been insisting on getting a Christmas card photo! After a little fussing with the GoPro and attempting some photos…he told me that he had another reason that he wanted to come out to our favorite spot this morning. I turned around to ask why, and he was already down on one knee, holding the most amazing diamond ring that I had ever seen. I cried, I laughed, I jumped up and down and then finally said YES YES! He ran over to the car; pulled out a blanket, a dozen red roses and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot. Apparently, all of this was hiding in the seat behind me and I had no idea! After enjoying some champagne, we left a note for the hikers saying SHE SAID YES and hopped back into the car to head home! Once we had cell phone reception again, I called my mom and his mom to tell them! Little did I know…they both already knew! Tyler had planned ahead to have the most beautiful flower arrangements hand delivered to them at the time of the proposal to tell them the good news! We jumped on a plane, flew to see my family for 4 days of celebration and tons of champagne!!

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