Samantha and Travis

How We Met

We met during high school, but didn’t end up dating until Travis second year of school at WSU (go cougs!) We dated 3 and a half long years while Travis was in school earning his Mechanical Engineering degree. When he graduated, his job took him to New York for the first year, and I decided to test our relationship and follow suit :) I knew if we could make it work 3000 miles away from everything we know, we could handle anything. The move was brutal and we drove a moving truck from Seattle to New York. It was the biggest (and best) leap of faith I’ve ever taken; I’ve never looked back. Image 1 of Samantha and Travis Image 2 of Samantha and Travis Image 3 of Samantha and Travis

how they asked

Travis and I share a mutual love of travel and Disneyland. We’ve been to over 7 different countries and countless states across the US over the years. Our absolute favorite place remains Disneyland. We took a trip to Disneyland the day after New Years to enjoy the holiday decorations still up. We have never waited in line to see the fireworks show because we’ve seen it a 100 times…however because it was decorated to mimick the Frozen castle, Travis suggested we wait in line and get the best possible spot to watch. We waited two hours to be in front, and when the fireworks finale started Travis got down on one knee! I’ve never felt more like a princess.Image 4 of Samantha and Travis Image 5 of Samantha and Travis Image 6 of Samantha and Travis Image 7 of Samantha and Travis Image 8 of Samantha and Travis