Samantha and Travis

Samantha and Travis's Engagement in The Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas, Nevada

How We Met

Though we both grew up in South Texas, (our high school football teams even played each other once… little did I know, I would marry one of the opponents one day!) we didn’t meet until attending college at Texas A&M University. My assigned roommate in my dorm room happened to be from the same home town as my fiance, and therefore introduced me to him at his family’s Aggie football tailgate. Through the next four years, Travis and I remained friends and celebrated every Aggie win together at the home games. In every outing we attended together with our friend group, I remember telling the girls that I don’t know why we don’t hang out with him more often, because he is so fun! When the stars aligned for both of us, we finally saw in each other in another light; coincidentally at the same tailgate, on the last game of my senior year. From that day forward, neither of us could understand why we didn’t realize this sooner (and neither could our friends!); but we were undeniably perfect for each other.

how they asked

At first, I had no idea Travis was planning to propose on our trip to Las Vegas. He bought us tickets to the George Strait concert for my birthday a few months prior, and he even told me not to expect a proposal on this trip because it was just simply “not his plan” as he said. However, throughout the day I became increasingly more suspicious as that statement grew less and less believable! The day before the concert was different than what we would usually do as a couple. Typically, we would be out on the town in a place like Vegas, but Travis was very determined to relax, and wanted me to be pampered. And by want, I mean called several different spas and salons until he was able to desperately convince one of them to squeeze me in last minute. Unaware that he REALLY wanted me to have my nails done, I was inconveniently uncooperative. I didn’t understand why I needed a hair appointment and manicure when we had a full day to explore the city, but in retrospect I’m so glad I gave in! When I returned to the room after the salon, he seemed oddly nervous; he was pacing the room, and was much more concerned with his outfit than usual.

As I got ready for our dinner reservation that night, Travis was also much more critical of my outfit choice as well, knowing that the dress I chose would be in all of our proposal pictures to come! Being used to the routine response of “all of them look beautiful” I was a little thrown off by how critical he was of each dress I tried on. Once we finally agreed on one, he was ready to rush out the door so that we could catch the fountain show in front of the Bellagio before our dinner reservation at Prime Steakhouse. On our walk toward the fountain, I noticed a photographer set up near the balcony. He approached us and asked if he could take a few photographs for marketing materials at the Bellagio. We posed for a few photos, and then the photographer asked us to look into each other’s eyes. Though I was totally focused on him, I couldn’t help but notice Travis’s hand slip into his jacket pocket; and then I froze – I couldn’t believe it was actually happening! Sure enough, in front of the fountains, the beautifully lit Las Vegas strip, and all the people around, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him; and it was as magical as I ever imagined it to be!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas, Nevada

After our moment, I turned to thank the photographer for his conveniently impeccable timing, however I learned that it was no coincidence! Travis had booked the entire hour with the photographer, so we were able to take some amazing engagement photos with the gorgeous Christmas decor around the Bellagio. After that, we finally went to our dinner reservation which was absolutely stunning. Our outdoor balcony table overlooked the bursting fountain show and incredible Las Vegas lights; it was the most surreal experience, and I truly felt like I was in a movie or fairytale. It could not have been more perfect, and I cannot wait to marry my thoughtful, charming man!

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