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How We Met: Born in Indianola, Iowa, Taylor had traveled all over the country for his baseball career after he graduated college. In the 2010 baseball season, he was living in California and pitching for the Visalia Rawhide. Meanwhile, I had moved back to my hometown of San Bernardino, California to help my family move out of my childhood home. On a random Thursday, I got a phone call from some girlfriends I hadn’t seen in awhile who wanted me to come to a 66er’s game, the local minor league baseball team. I immediately agreed and met the girls that night at the stadium.

Lost in chitter chatter as we sat in the stands, it was obvious that us girls only cared about catching up and knew nothing about the game we were watching. When we did cheer for an occasional player, we wouldn’t even notice that the player was on the opposing team! So whose team were we accidentally cheering for you ask? None other than the Visalia Rawhide! Taylor and his teammates found this incredibly amusing and one finally asked, “You girls realize you’re cheering for the wrong team, right? We’re the away team!” We laughingly admitted that we weren’t really paying attention to the game whatsoever. We agreed to cheer for the Rawhide to win and each girl proceeded to pick their “favorite player” to root for.

Although Taylor had not been conversing with us in the stands, I noticed him gazing over and chuckling at the silly banter that was going on between the two groups. So when it came to my pick, I said “I’ll take that guy – #12!” Taylor looked over and shyly smiled. He wasn’t even playing that night but that didn’t stop me from cheering for him during the rest of the game. At the end of the night, Taylor was convinced by his teammates to go talk to “his #1 fan” – and so it began…

how they asked: Taylor and his family had planned an incredible 7-day trip to an all-inclusive resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. We were halfway through the week and it couldn’t get any better…or so I thought! We had spent the day on an excursion where we explored the beautiful Tulum Ruins and snorkeled with the sea turtles at Akumal Beach. When we got back to the resort later that afternoon, we decided to start getting ready for dinner. Little did I know, Taylor was also taking this time to finalize his plan to pop the big question that night!

We had been trying a new restaurant every night at the resort – and that night we planned on the French restaurant Chez Isabelle. Taylor had mentioned to me that she should save “his favorite dress” for this restaurant since it would be one of the fancier dinners of the trip. Secretly, Taylor knew that I would want to be wearing the dress in engagement pictures. However, as we finished getting dressed, we found out the French restaurant was unexpectedly closed!

“No big deal… I will save this dress for when we go some other night!” I said as I started pulling out other dresses to change into. Knowing that tonight was THE night, Taylor scrambled for reasons why I should still wear that dress. Lucky for him, I tend to overpack – so he was able to convince me that I had plenty of dress options left to wear to the French restaurant. “Besides everyone is all ready and it’s still early… so maybe we can all take a walk along the beach before we head to dinner?” And just like that his plan was back in full effect!

Hand-in-hand Taylor and I strolled along the white sandy beach and ended up at the private pier in front of the resort. Taylor knew exactly what to say to get me in position for the big moment: “We should get a few pictures together on the pier since we are all dressed up.” Ecstatic about this idea, I hopped up on the pier and started looking for people to get a picture of the whole group together. “Let’s get one of just me and you first!” Taylor said. So I set my things down and didn’t think twice as his family took their cameras out. As Taylor pulled me in close for a kiss, he told me how much I meant to him. And then this happened…

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