Samantha and Steve

How We Met

The quote sums it up perfectly, “you don’t find love it finds you. It’s a little bit to do with destiny, fate, and whats written in the stars.” Growing up miles away from each other who would have thought two people would fall in love on the internet. We definitely were an automatic match since the first sentence in my online profile stated I love real Christmas trees and he just happens to be the owner of a Christmas tree farm. From our first conversation on October 13th 2014 I knew there was a spark between us. As our conversations became a everyday 3pm occurrence we began to realize how many times our paths had probably crossed. After a month of endless conversation I finally gave in to a casual meeting on November 6th. Soon after our date we became a couple and the adventures began. Now two and a half years later I couldn’t imagine a life without my partner and best friend.

how they asked

On a beautiful Sunday morning one day into a family beach vacation in LBI, New Jersey, Steve stated how he wanted to climb Barnegat Lighthouse for some morning excursive and if you know me anything having to do with working out is a yes in my book. As we climbed all 217 stairs and reached the top I noticed some writing on the beach in rocks saying “Marry me Sam” and of course I kept walking not thinking it had anything to do with me.

Right before I rounded the corner I turned to see Steve down on one knee and my world went blank. That moment he turned my fairy tail into a reality and of course I SAID YES!