Samantha and Stephen

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How We Met

Stephen and I met in the summer of 2010. I had just graduated high school and was feeling pretty excited about starting my first job for a summer camp and going into college.

I was sitting during the orientation for my job talking to various other employees. We were all talking about what high schools we had just graduated from and where we were planning on going to college. As I was talking to one of the girls, this guy walks in with a fitted Yankee cap on. He makes a big entrance and everyone immediately begins to call his name and talk to him. He was cracking jokes and talking to everyone. I immediately didn’t like him. He seemed so cocky and full of himself. It turned out that he was my partner that I had to work with every day!

During that summer Stephen and I began to grow extremely close. We realized how similar we both are. During summer camp, when we were supposed to be watching kids, we would talk for hours! Even when we went home we would text each other. Feelings definitely grew quickly between us. It wasn’t until the Spring of 2011 that we officially began dating. Once that happened we didn’t look back.

how they asked

I had just graduated with my Master’s degree in social work on June 2nd. Stephen planned an entire vacation for us immediately following my graduation. The both of us were in desperate need of paradise since both of our jobs tend to be very difficult. When we got to the Couples Resort in Tower Isle, it was raining! We happened to make it to Jamaica during the rainy season. This did not stop me from going in the water and having a good time. Throughout the day Stephen kept talking about the clouds and how they “appeared to be moving.” I just said “yea whatever who cares?” and kept swimming. When the water became too cold we went into the hot tub and started talking about out “future honeymoon.” I told Stephen we can’t discuss a honeymoon until he finally proposes. I told him he’s talking too long. Fast forward to a few hours later we had a dinner scheduled at the Eight Rivers restaurant at Couples Isle Tower. As we were walking down to out dinner reservation, Stephen asks one of the staff members to take us to dinner. It turns out we were having our own private dinner on the separate island that is a part of the resort. Our dinner was under a beautiful gazebo with candles everywhere. As we were sitting down eating a photographer came by and took our pictures. He made us stand up and pose for some pictures together. As we were posing Stephen got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I couldn’t stop laughing and apologized for yelling at him earlier. Then I said “of course! Now put the ring on!”

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