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How We Met

Stefano and I met through mutual friends and my cousin who went to the same high school as him. I knew all of his friends before I personally met him, and once I met him, we had mutual “crushy” feelings for each other for the next three years of our friendship. One day, we went out for coffee to catch up and chat. I asked him the cheesiest question “When you get married, what’s going to be your first dance? He responded “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls. I got really excited and said “ME TOO!” – It really was mine too! From then on, throughout our friendship, whenever I would listen to Iris, I’d always think of him. In March 2012, Stefano texted me and asked me what I was doing May 26, as it was his best friends sister’s wedding and would like to bring me as a date…. I obviously said YES. I was so excited…..May 26 rolls around, the wedding is beautiful, and all I could think is… I want to kiss this guy tonight! So, I went up to the DJ and requested him to play “Iris” and once it came on, Stefano and I slow danced, and KISSED for the first time. I was so happy…. the rest is history.

how they asked

What a dream! Stefano and I have been dating for 5 years, and after a year and a half searching, on July 14, 2017, we finally got the keys to our first home! The hour before we went to the lawyers to get the keys, Stefano and his dad “Frank” picked me up and drove us to our first home. Frank offered to be our dedicated photographer/videographer. So, we get to the house, took a few photos in front of it and proceed to the front door. Stefano asked his dad to record us opening the door and walking into the our house so we can give the “internet” a tour of our house. (I was completely clueless!) As you can see from the video, we walked in and showed everyone our front room. (I figured, if Stefano was going to propose in our home, it would have been in the front room, but because it was empty, I took any sort of proposal out of my head.) As soon as we walked into the kitchen, (Stefano had his ipod and speakers set up the night before) and pressed play on this little remote that was in his pocket playing “Iris” and tears started running down my face! He put so much effort and work into the proposal sign and all the flowers, it could not have been a more perfect moment. I’m in love with that entire day. I cannot wait to be his wife!!!

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