Samantha and Seth

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How We Met

Seth and I met one night at a local bar in downtown Lancaster. I hadn’t originally planned on going out last night, but thankfully one of my friends said yes to a last-minute people watching session downtown. (I figured another night with just myself, Netflix, and the cats wasn’t going to get me anywhere). We had been there for maybe an hour when we were approached by Seth and his friend Randy. Apparently, they had been watching us for some time, because Seth’s pickup line to me was “a girl as pretty as you shouldn’t be buying her own drinks.” Cheesy, I know, but I love cheese. We talked for a little while, made a few jokes, told a few stories, and at the end of the night, he nervously asked for my number. I couldn’t say no!

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Our first date was only a few days later on a Tuesday night – Seth was flying out for a business trip on Wednesday and wanted to get together before then. We ended up meeting at Bube’s Brewery because it was a nice halfway point between where we were each living at the time. We sat down, ordered beers, and started talking. I was so nervous! But he made it easy, even though he was just as nervous (I hid my nerves better than he did). After maybe an hour we were approached by someone and we were asked if we were staying for trivia at 8. Apparently, every Tuesday night at Bube’s is trivia night – little to our knowledge.

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So now not only do we have to impress each other because it’s our first date, but we also have to show how smart we are! We did NOT do that well at trivia… a lot of wrong answers (Seth) and a lot of bad spelling (Seth), but we did win a few things during the raffle. At the beginning of trivia you are given tickets and at random points, throughout the night the trivia host, Mike, picks a number and you win really really bad prizes. I won a Slim Jim, and Seth won a Star Wars themed chicken noodle soup! So even though trivia was a mess, we ended up winning the crappy prizes. But we had so much fun that once we started seriously dating we went back every week. We go to know the staff and Mike because of how often we were there.

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how they asked

We went back to Bube’s for the year anniversary of our first date, so when we went back for year two I thought nothing of it. We ended up sitting at the table we were at on our first date, ordered dinner and drinks, and started talking about our day. We reminisced about our first date, and our relationship. We hadn’t been to trivia in a while so we were preparing for a really bad night. But finally we were given our raffle tickets and trivia started – and we did really well the first round! We were in first place! But sadly it all went downhill from there… Each round got worse and worse (wrong answers, bad spelling), and we weren’t winning any of the raffle prizes! I mean people were walking away with peppermint Twinkies, puzzles, Himalayan salt chips – good stuff!

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FINALLY, at the end of the third round, our ticket number got called and I was so excited! I got up and pulled out a Hello Kitty Christmas stocking from the bag. I was about to sit back down when Mike told me there was a lump in the stocking. I reached in and pulled out a red box. I saw down super confused because never have I ever seen someone win twice in one draw. When I opened the box I saw a ring – a big sparkly ring and I STILL had no idea what was going on. Only when I looked up and saw Seth getting down on one knee did I realize that he was proposing.

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