Samantha and Scott

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How We Met

We first met on Tinder. I really didn’t know what i was looking for, not really a boyfriend but a friend of mine made me sign onto the app. Scott definitely caught my eye though, maybe the fact that he was British helped! Our first “meeting” was at a Starbucks close to my apartment at the time. He took me by surprise, not only by how handsome he is but how much of a gentleman he is. We’ve been attached at the hip since and still make sure every year we get starbucks on that day.

how they asked

I was flying to San Francisco with my mom for the weekend to see my sister and brother-in-law. That Thursday was mine and Scotts 4 year anniversary. He had mailed 2 cards to our hotel, one for Thursday and the other for Friday. He told me he had 1 other card for me but wasn’t telling me how I’d get it.

My sister told us on Saturday that they wanted to take us somewhere to see a good view of the golden gate bridge. We had to walk down this pathway along a clift, at the bottom was a man standing with his back towards us. I quickly realized it was Scott. He turned around and was holding a card and a rose (i really like The Bachelor). When opening the card, it said “Will you Marry Me?” On it and he was down on one knee. It was the most romantic moment ever.

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