Samantha and Ryan

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How We Met

It was the Fourth of July weekend and I was at a friend’s beach house. She had told me about how she met this guy online and I needed to give it a try as well. Unbeknown to me, my friends made me a profile and matched me with this boy because “he was tall”. As I navigated through this uncharted territory, the “tall man” and I got to talking. Three years and a lot of memories later, here we are.

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How They Asked

Ryan and I were going to meet my high school friend and husband at the twin peek lighthouse in The Atlantic Highlands. We had never been there and were looking forward to seeing some pretty views. Ryan pulled out a picnic basket with no food, and only a bottle of wine! I was confused as to how we were going to have a picnic with no food! Little did I know that the bottle of wine was Sassicaia.

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The back story to the wine being: My grandfather (a wine connoisseur) always told my sister and me that if a man offers us Sassicaia wine he’s a keeper, to say the least. Before I knew it he was down on one knee and my friend was there to snap all the pictures! Later that afternoon we came back home to be surprised by a party thrown by both of our families!

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