Samantha and Ryan

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How We Met

12 years ago I started up martial arts where I first met Ryan. He was one of the Instructors and I was a new student. After several months of talking he took me to a play at his high school, and afterward, out to Friendly’s with his parents…because we were 16 and couldn’t legally drive yet. And that’s when our relationship started – for the first time.

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how they asked

10 years ago, my incredibly corny boyfriend surprised me with a dozen roses on Valentine’s Day, and each rose was delivered to me during a different class period throughout the day by close friends of mine. That night he took me out to dinner and handed me a fake rose to complete the bouquet along with a card saying he would love me until the last rose dies. We eventually went our separate ways and lived our own lives. Fast forward 10 years later to June 2017, and my boyfriend, Ryan, took me out to the pier in Hoboken where he asked me to marry him!

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After the amazing proposal, we got into a car to head to dinner where he had a bouquet of 11 real white roses and 1 fake rose. He then handed me a card that read “I told you I would love you until the last rose dies! I can’t wait to marry you!” I never thought that the first boy who had my heart would end up being my best friend and the man of my dreams!

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Special Thanks

Bryan & Jeni Rogers
 | Photographer