Samantha and Ryan

How We Met

Ryan and I met after my freshman year and his sophomore year of college (different schools). We had just come back home for the summer. Some kids from my high school started a dodgeball league and a friend of mine brought me along one day. That’s when I saw him- tall, pale as anything, and handsome! Everyone called him Randy Johnson and he was destroying us all. Best dodgeball player I had ever seen. Turned out his friend was dating a girl from my high school who played in the league so they asked him to play. We started talking and he kept helping me get back in the game whenever I got out. That’s how it all began. I tried to find him on facebook that night (not realizing Randy Johnson was a famous pitcher for the Diamondbacks) and couldn’t. Fortunately we had some mutual friends and that’s how I figured out his real name! We went on our first date a week later, which ended with a horrific kiss.. I went in for a kiss, he went in for a hug, then we disaster. Both of us thought that would be that. But the date went so well before that so we gave it another chance. Our second date we got it right. Everything clicked and the kiss was full of chemistry and sparks. To make a long story short, 7 years later and we are still going strong! And now we are getting married!

how they asked

We had just moved in together and my fiance, Ryan, got a new job. He ended up having a week off before the new job started so we took a spontaneous trip to Zion National Park- a place I’ve always wanted to go! I kept talking about the iconic narrow canyons that i couldn’t wait to see. And hike after hike, we found some amazing scenery and landscapes but not quite what I had in my head. Ryan kept asking, “is this the spot? Is THIS it?” And each time I said, “I would leave here extremely happy with this but it is not what I was truly hoping for…” Until our last day, we went on a hike recommended by a park employee, that was supposed to be similar to the famous Narrows in Zion (which was closed when we went). We had a blast hiking upstream and climbing over waterfalls and finally, halfway through the hike, we came to these tall canyon walls. We found it. THE spot. Everything i had hoped for. I started yelling “Oh my God this is it! This is it!” And immediately started taking pictures and videotaping. That’s when Ryan suggested we set up the GoPro to get us both in the shot. I thought it was a great idea because up until then all our footage was of one of us or the other. As he set down the camera he started rummaging through his pack (apparently he had the ring in his bag the whole trip, waiting for the perfect moment- the spot I was searching for), and when we started posing and being silly for the video, he got on one knee (in 40 degree water!) And proposed! It was magical and beautiful and in the perfect damn spot. The son of a gun pulled it off! :) I laughed and sobbed before I even realized what actually happened, and then finally said yes!

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